Alpha Hopper Hot Rod Parts Pack 1.0

Hot Rod parts for hopper

  1. trm7
    I've been working on this for a bit but a lot of it isn't done and it probably wont be done for awhile so i decided id release it with the parts that are sorta finished so far, enough to be used anyways and update it as I finish the other parts.

    So what does it add?
    1. front mounted nos bottle
    2. all engines and transmissions with all their various customization options from the barstow
    3. slammed front springs with a hot rod front axle that has adjustable link length, and slammed rear springs.
    4. cut hood
    5. chopped front windshield.
    6. maybe other stuff i cant remember

    comes with one config named HopRod

    Screenshot341.png screenshot_2021-10-01_23-21-22.png screenshot_2021-10-01_23-21-59.png screenshot_2021-10-01_23-22-41.png screenshot_2021-10-01_23-24-48.png

    known bugs:
    1. chopped windshield has no glass.

    2.cut hood model somehow got messed a little bit. will fix when I have time
    3. Nos bottle has no collisions. I have experimented with fixing this but it’s buggy and not good enough to be released yet.
    4. When slammed springs are first installed there default ride height is to tall.

    There are many more parts that totally turn this thing into a proper hot rod they just aren’t done yet they should be but considering most days i cant even find the will to leave my bed let alone work on anything progress is slow.
    If ya wanna stay updated with my current progress on this mod and see the various W.I.P parts that will be added in the future you can check here:


    1. Screenshot341.png

Recent Reviews

  1. KyotoBlissard
    Version: 1.0
    Very cool! Other than invisible transmissions, slammed springs do not work for me, they are lifted instead.
    1. trm7
      Author's Response
      yea there initially two high in the tuning menu you can lower them
  2. oioioioo
    Version: 1.0
    I love the idea, and for the most part the execution is good. I have found some bugs though, namely with engines/transmissions... If you use the Barstow engine, the Hopper transmission is invisible and the transfer case mesh breaks. If you use the Barstow transmission, the transfer case is invisible.
    Slightly bothersome cosmetic bugs, but I think they should still be addressed if possible. All in all, good mod.
  3. renePRO
    Version: 1.0
    Front bumper Nos bottle don't look safe... ilove it!
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