Beta Ibishu 200BX Remastered [PBR] 1.2.0

Overhaul of the Ibishu 200BX. 17 New Configs, many additional parts.

  1. Hotfix 1.2.0

    This update fixes the additional wheels not being available on all vehicles.

  2. Hotfix 1.1

    Bugs Fixed:
    1. Fixed coupe_roof_additional.dae containing the entire car model.
    2. Fixed carbon facelift bonnet UV
    3. Removed multiple elements of the mod that replaced stock game files.

    As of the 1.1 update the way the mod works has changed. Before this update was pushed the mod
    replaced stock configurations with my own improved ones (that switched all the old parts out for new ones, remastered taillights / unibody etc) This is no longer the case, but the remastered...
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