Outdated Ibishu Auto Rental Service - Pack 1 1.2_R0

Official Ibishu Car Rental Service from 1989 to 2015, made for Ibishu Covet

  1. ibishucovet1987.txt
    Ibishu Auto Rental Service (IARS)

    In 1989, the Japanese company Ibishu Motors Corporation, created a car rental service.Initially, the rented cars should be Ibishu Wigeon in a 3-wheelbase, but as it turned out later, not everyone could keep the car on sharp or even not easy turns, instead they chose Ibishu Covet which was already easier to learn. In Japan, this car was for any person, including even children, as the simplest car for mastering driving in the city and outside the city. After this choice, Ibishu made several special versions of Ibishu Covet for their car rental service. After their creation, they were immediately sent to the available car rental locations. Initially in 1989, IARS was only in Japan, but by the end of 1989, points began to appear in Europe, and even later in 1990, in the USA, and Canada. in 2015, Ibishu closed the car rental service due to many complaints about the quality of Ibishu Covet cars, which were changed in 2013.

    What adds this mod to the game:

    -5 Configurations for Ibishu Covet
    -and nothing, just some configurations

    What are the configurations that are included in this car pack:


    Cheap, both in production and for rent, accelerates very slowly, engine speed is limited to 5000 RPM, but is quite popular in poor countries and not only in poor, ideal for self-driving car driving after passing the driving school, the cost of renting a car is 15$


    Something like DX 1.5, but only slightly cheaper, engine speed was limited to 6000 RPM, was an excellent choice for those who want to carry something large (for example, a single sofa) in the trunk, the cost of renting a car is 25$

    A bit expensive to build and rent, is a slightly better version of the Standard configuration, the engine is still limited to 6000 RPM, but the engine has been replaced with 1.5 DOHC instead of 1.5 SOHC in Standard configuration. Wheels have also been replaced with stronger ones, and added an extra rear seat, which can accommodate 2 or 3 more people, the cost of renting a car is 45$

    An expensive and fast version of the regular Premium, unlike the regular Premium, it is completely painted in body color, received engine updates, such as the engine speed increased to 6500 RPM, became a little more powerful, but still has a 4-speed automatic transmission. he is fast, he is not one of the safest cars, so there will definitely be fatal accidents. But even not considering that you can easily die on it at high speeds, the family can also take it, since just like the regular Premium, there are rear seats where 2 or 3 passengers can easily fit, the cost of renting a car is 60$


    The prototype car from year 1988, 1 year after Ibishu Covet release. This prototype is will be known as IARS-Basic model, but the prototype one has manual transmission, no ABS, different color, and different Engine specs, in early 1989, this model is been shown on some news papers, in May 1989, it's been replaced by IARS-Basic, Standart, Premium and PremiumPlus models, some prototype cars after replacing been destroyed, 3 of them been given to some poor families in Japan

    Licence Plates in Rental configurations:

    All configurations having licence plate text "RENT-000" as default, you can change numbers for example to 010, or 777, or clear whole default licence plate text, and change it to own. But remember, if you respawn it by using CTRL+R, it will resets licence plate text back to default "RENT-000".


Recent Updates

  1. Prototype Days Update
  2. PremiumPlus Update

Recent Reviews

  1. KokoNut18
    Version: 1.2_R0
    It seems like the mod isn't working ._.
  2. Mr. Jestar
    Mr. Jestar
    Version: 1.1_R0
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