Outdated Ibishu Covet 5-Door v0.1.6

A simple 5-door addon

  1. AR162B
    Ibishu Covet 5-Door. Version 0.1.6 27/01/2017


    This is a addon mod, it doesn't overwites anything as of v0.1.4
    Tested on BeamNG.Drive version 0.8.1

    Introduction: This is only a very quick and simple mod without any other custom addons; I'm not that into most Japanese cars, but seeing two older Suzuki Swift's next to each other, a 5-door and a 3-door, I had to make this mod. I had finished the mesh a few months ago (!) but didn't have time to complete the jbeams. I continued after finishing the fullsize wagon, improved the mesh and finished the jbeams.

    Summary: First release, based on BeamNG version
    Summary v0.1.1: Updated files to BeamNG version
    Summary v0.1.2: Updated files to BeamNG version (never released)
    Summary v0.1.3: Updated files to BeamNG version, added police parts
    Summary v0.1.4: Updated 5-door body jbeam, removed 3door and main jbeam
    Summary v0.1.5: Fixed beacon material, changed lightbar function, fixed wheels
    Summary v0.1.6: Fixed missing beams, updated jbeams


    Installation instructions:

    For BeamNG version >

    1) If present, remove the old version of this mod ( ...\Documents\BeamNG.drive\mods\)
    2) If present, remove the cache of the old version of this mod (...\Documents\BeamNG.drive\cache.0.5.X.X\vehicles\hatch)
    3) Download the zip file located at the bottom of this post (attachments are available on the first page only!) and move it to BeamNG's mod folder (so ...\Documents\BeamNG.drive\mods\hatch_5door_AR162b_v013.zip) There's no need to extract the zip.
    4) Enjoy the game

    There's no need to extract the zip.



    This mod includes:

    Main stuff:
    - Made a new 'main' file, adjusted body jbeam file hierarchy
    - Slightly adjusted the original (3-door) body jbeam, gave it another name and slot name.

    5-Door Parts:
    - Body
    - Adjusted front doors
    - Rear doors
    - Adjusted Glass
    - Slightly adjusted rollcage (attachment points are different; to the b-pillar instead of to the quarterpanel)
    - Added presets, equal to the original 3-door, but instead with 5 doors. (updated v0.1.2)
    - Shut welded doors (NEW v0.1.1)

    Police parts: (NEW v0.1.3)
    - Modified blue light beacon (taken from the suburst)
    - Wig wag headlights and flashing signal lights
    - Added custom lua and keys
    - A simple, quick made classic Dutch police skin


    - Most new parts are BeamNG's (Gabester, B25Mitch?) original hatch parts or (greatly) based on original BeamNG parts, so BeamNG
    - Myself (AR162b) for all the mods
    - Aboroath, Jujune and MrAnrgry for testing this mod and providing me with great feedback
    - Dummiesman for the preset pictures made in his showroom
    - Diamondback for his n/b scaling program


    Known Issues/improvement needed:
    - All textures are 'slapped on' the original hatch texture maps, adding non-smooth/multi-colored skin/texture will have unwanted results. The texture on the 5-door isn't that pretty in some areas.
    - The area around the doorhandles isn't that pretty
    - The 'spinleft' function is defined twice, otherwise it will have a error somehow.


    Long term ideas:
    - Proper textures


    Please DO NOT DISTRIBUTE without proper permission of AR162b! Use the files at own risk.

    Enjoy! :)



    Like my mods? Please support me by donating via Paypal :)



    v 0.1.0 September 3rd 2015
    - First release, based on BeamNG's version files

    v 0.1.1 October 14th 2015
    - Updated 3-door body, 5-door body, 5-door glass jbeams to BeamNG's version files
    - Added extra empty slots for future addons (made by others?)

    v 0.1.2 December 10th 2015 (never released)
    - Updated jbeams to BeamNG version (normalised scale values)
    - Updated mesh to have a second UV texture, for skins
    - Updated the presets
    - Added shutwelded doors

    v 0.1.3 Januari 5th 2016
    - Updated jbeams to BeamNG version
    - Added police parts

    v 0.1.4 March 22th 2016
    - Updated 5-door jbeams to BeamNG version 0.5.3 > added slots, radiator stuff
    - removed the 3-door and main jbeam

    v 0.1.5 March 23rd 2016
    - Fixed Beacon light materials
    - Set to use the police lights (beacon, wigwags, signals) to use the new 'lightbar' function
    - Removed the now obsolete key bindings
    - Fixed wheels and tires of the race and rallye preset

    v 0.1.6 January 2017
    - Updated jbeams


    screenshot_00260_1920.jpg screenshot_00267_1920.jpg screenshot_00268_1920.jpg \
    screenshot_00824_1920.jpg screenshot_00828_1920.jpg screenshot_00940_1920.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Simple update
  2. hatch v0.1.5
  3. updated to v0.1.5;

Recent Reviews

  1. michael_zowski
    Version: v0.1.6
    Doesn't work. :P
  2. MrConner64
    Version: v0.1.6
  3. KapiCool <3
    KapiCool <3
    Version: v0.1.6
    It looks really good, but after spawning car does weird things and it crashes.
  4. Cwen209
    Version: v0.1.6
    Does anybody else think this looks better than the 3 door covet?
  5. tobias95ng
    Version: v0.1.6
    good mod at all but i found a litle bug the rear suspension get sudenly damaged mith one disapearing part if i spawn the 5dor version and this bug can spread over the dev covet body too when i change the dev blog chassi direkt to the 5 door version and back i send pictures in the discussion blog
  6. Montego
    Version: v0.1.6
    Brilliant! It really adds more of a choice of cars and is not bad whatsoever. In fact, I don't know any issues at all!
  7. mike94
    Version: v0.1.6
    Oh yeah, it's beautiful! I'd like to see sedan version next.
  8. $Peta_Rogers_Ranger$
    Version: v0.1.6
    awesome, you bring it back to life !!!
  9. Akio Tka
    Akio Tka
    Version: v0.1.6
    it is worth waiting
  10. JayPlaysBeamNG
    Version: v0.1.6
    do a sedan next
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