Outdated Ibishu Covet All-Wheel-Steer V1.0

The nimble one

  1. Ai'Torror
    Ibishu Covet ZXI AWS

    This Unique Covet Variant Features an experimental electronically operated All Wheel steering system, which due to big success during testing made its way into limited production. It was available on the 1.5 ZXI Covet, as well as a special edition 2.0 ZXI Covet which used the engine from the bigger Pessima.

    What does the mod contain?
    2 Configs:
    • 1.5 AWS (M)
    • 2.0 AWS (M)


    • Rear Suspension with custom Lua
    • Pessima's 2.0 engine with all of its tuning parts (turbos work, but their mesh needs work, it will be updated in the future)
    • Custom Lettering
    • New Bulged hood to accommodate the Bigger engine

    How does it work?
    Thanks to custom lua work the system behaves differently depending on speed, Untill around 60km/h the rear wheels turn opposite direction to the front wheels to allow for tighter turning radius, but since that would make the car unstable at higher speeds, above 70-ish km/h rear wheels start turning the same direction as front ones vastly improving the stability at high speeds.

    • BeamNG - Game, Covet and Ibishu pessima
    • @Car_Killer - Screenshots, thumbnails and modelling work
    • @Dummiesman - Helping me understand how lua works.
    • Me - Lua and required Jbeam work

    Known Issues:

    • Turbos don't have a custom mesh, for now they're using just the covet's mesh, will have to modify those to fit properly

Recent Reviews

  1. Binava
    Version: V1.0
    For some reason, when i select the car with the custom suspension, or add it on the parts modifier to a normal car, all the rear part of the vehicle collapses and it crashes itself for some reason and the game instantly pauses with a mesage telling me that the car has some kind of instability, stoping the simulation. This mod looks so good, i hope this can be fixed.
  2. androx
    Version: V1.0
    I like it! small city approved to this car.
  3. 16PiXel-Dude
    Version: V1.0
    simple and yet excelent , good mod !
  4. SupremeDalek73
    Version: V1.0
    I really like this mod! I've already made a custom AWS Rally Config which I use for Time Trials. It's also very useful when attempting stunts. Is there a possibility you could put an equal turning AWS System on the Pessima? i.e the front and rear axles turn the same amount?
  5. aidilyusuf2006
    Version: V1.0
    Be Like Pessima AWS,But Good I Like
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