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Unsupported Ibishu Kashira EV Gen2 Deprecated.

The All new Electric Kashira from 1995

  1. Vibestation 5
    Behold Ibishu's New Kashira EV! Comes with the FWD, RWD For the cool guys, And AWD For versatillity. (I am too lazy to make configs for the thing as of now) So you have to make one yourself. There is electric unibody for motors. Front motor is in engine The other one is Rear motor. (REMOVE REAR DIFF IF MAKING YOURS FROM AN AWD) Requires Gen2 Kashira mod to work. Dials may come soon

    Credits: Nathiiou for ETK800e code for a start, BeamNG For eSBR Code Rez:IA For Kashira DO NOT REUPLOAD ANYWHERE!!!
    100% Electric!!! (If car doesnt show up do this 1: Open a level in BeamNG.Drive
    2: Press Escape
    3: Go to "Settings"
    4: To to "User Interface"
    5: Check the box marked "Show Custom Vehicles in Vehicle Selector")

    if it doesnt work clear cache in BeamNG Heres EV Drivetrain upload_2019-6-5_17-48-26.png

    Feel Free to Make mods for this ;D (Even though the Base (Kashira) Is not mine)

    PM Me If theres any bugs Or something wrong YOU MUST HAVE 0.16 Or above for this to work. (For those who use a Cracked version of the game, Buy it. Piracy is NOT Ok! Support the devs)

    Do whatever you wish now.

    Please note this mod is not needed as The original kashira author made an electric one incorporated in it. If you like derpy behavior of performance and base model and other those will come in 1.7

    Edit: How did this mod get 10k downloads?
    EDIT2: This mod is outdated now due to the Kashira already having EV config


    1. download3.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. gorg and boovs
    gorg and boovs
    Version: 1.3fix
    i thing the gen 1 is more durable but still great mod i love it i downloaded both (gen 1,gen 2)
  2. carsmin
    Version: 1.2
    cool it needs picture though
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