Beta Ibishu Plus Mod (Bug Fixes + File Structure Update) 1.0.5

Stance Cars, Engines, Wheels, Racing Seats, Additional Parts, Detailed Configs, and More

  1. Ibishu Plus Mod (200bx Update)

    - Added support for new textures
    - Fixed bugs regarding part spawning on the Covet
    - Updated vehicle selector thumbnails for Covet
    - Added 200bx parts
    - 'Vortex' body kit
    - Pre-damaged parts
    - 4.0l V8 engine swap (model is still unfinished)
    - Custom exhausts and backfire sounds
    - Custom turbos with turbo sounds
    - New VSKF and SSK-1 wheels and tires
    - New configurations
    - Aftermarket race seats (from the Covet mod)
    - New suspension parts for stance cars
    - Bumpers with bash bars underneath and new license plate placements
    - New 327Power spoiler
    - New steering wheels
    - Added Covet parts
    - New steering wheels
    - Tweaked wing model
    - Tweaked supercharger sounds


    1. polaroid_beammod.png
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