Beta Improved Navigation Map 0.3.1

Improves and fixes bugs in the pre-existing navigation map

  1. Toastery
    This takes the pre-existing navigation app and removes the issue where you are unable to see the entire map on larger maps, it also adds a larger zoom level so you can see alot further!

    Now Supports 0.24!

    Use: this mod does NOT overwrite the default navigation map, it adds a new app called "improved navigation" which has these features/fixes.

    NOTE: Using the improved navigation map and the default navigation map at the same time on your ui will cause conflicts and issues

    Removes cutoff:
    Improved Version (In Desert Highway Map):

    Default Version (In Desert Highway Map):


    Increased Zoom (both are taken at default app size):
    Improved Version Max Zoom Out (In Desert Highway Map):

    Default Version Max Zoom Out (In Desert Highway Map):


    Current Features:
    - Fixes the issue where the navigation map would break on larger modded maps (0.1)
    - Higher Zoom Level (0.1.1)
    - Zoom level display (0.2)
    - Settings Menu (0.2)
    - Smooth Zoom (0.2)
    - Save Settings (0.2)
    - Toggle for speed tied zoom (0.2.1)

    - Toggle for scaling map elements with zoom (such as roads, vehicles and grid) (0.2.1)
    - Lock North (0.2.1)
    - Toggle Grid (0.2.1)
    - Centre on Player (0.3)
    - Show Offscreen Vehicles (0.3)

    - Performance improvements over normal nav map (0.3.1) (results may vary)

    Planned Features:
    - Ability to hide the map without needing to remove it from gui
    - Ability to export the entire map as a .svg, useful for things such as marking routes in time trials or having the entire map to use as a campaign map

    Next Update Features (subject to change):
    - Add setting to hide mission markers

    Video Showcase (0.2):

    How to report bugs or suggest features:
    If you have any issues or suggestions with/for the mod, feel free to leave a comment/review or message me on discord (Toastery#2075)

    Want to test out features early?
    I have a github page for the project! its in unpacked format.
    DISCLAIMER: the github page is an alpha build of the project, bugs are very likely to occur, use the github version at your own risk

    Do not reupload the mod without my explicit permission.

Recent Reviews

  1. Ramund_Hin_Unge
    Version: 0.3.1
    I like that the app gives you more options than the default navi app but the road lines are missing.
  2. mrwallace888
    Version: 0.3
    There's a strange issue where the map is all lerpy in the HUD. When driving forwards, the map zooms out and pans north at all times. So if north is left of me, then the camera starts panning to the left of the car in the map.
    1. Toastery
      Author's Response
      that is really strange, are you able to send me a message with the settings you are using?
  3. rodmunch99
    Version: 0.3
    Much needed addition. Thank you!
  4. Derp_de_Herp
    Version: 0.2.1
  5. Jeppoer
    Version: Version 0.2.1
    Awesome! better than the original navigation app. works flawless
  6. Zer0_Sub
    Version: 0.1.3
    For some reason I can write multiple reviews but anyways, the update removed the issue and now it is working properly. Very nice.
    1. Toastery
      Author's Response
      Thats great to hear! Thanks for reporting the bug!
  7. Zer0_Sub
    Version: 0.1.2
    It's very good at doing its thing, but there are issues. When I'm driving fast at American Roads or Generic City, it becomes empty. Still a decent mod though.
    1. Toastery
      Author's Response
      after some testing, ive not had this issue in 0.1.3! (awaiting approval)
  8. mrwallace888
    Version: 0.1.2
    Neat mod but on maps like the empty grid and Endless Highway, it stops functioning. I can't even see which direction I'm going or where other cars are relative to me.
    1. Toastery
      Author's Response
      I've fixed this issue in 0.1.3! However endless highway does not use the traditional road system, so you wont be able to see the road itself, but the map should be functioning on those maps again!
      (0.1.3 is currently awaiting approval)
  9. mickeybish1234
    Version: 0.1.2
    Works for all official maps, however in big modded maps like American Road or Los Injurus, sometimes when going upwards in elevation or going down a mountain the map tends to "lose connection" and won't work until you are completely down the mountain.
    1. Toastery
      Author's Response
      thats a really strange issue, I've not had an issue relating to elevation, perhaps once gets approval would you be able to check if this issue still occurs? thanks!
  10. PetrKn0ttDrift
    Version: 0.1.2
    The mod is great, but sometimes in Italy the road lines are too wide and Castelleto just turns into one huge white mess.
    1. Toastery
      Author's Response
      This issue should be fixed again in 0.1.3!
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