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Indestructible Engine Blocks & Adjustable NOS 1.9b

5000 shot of NOS? Stage 4 super charger? No problem!

  1. KaMiKaZeE443
    This is an update of the original mod. https://www.beamng.com/resources/indestructible-engine-blocks.3062/
    It hasn't been updated for ages, seen a few comments saying that it doesn't work anymore so i updated it.

    IEB Features.
    No over torque damage.
    No piston ring damage.
    No connecting rod damage.
    No head gasket damage.
    No over rev damage. - (It will still warn you about it)
    No clutch overheating.

    NOS Features
    Unlimited Bottle size
    Adjustable shot size 75kW - 5000kW
    Works on all vanilla cars
    It's just an updated SuperNos, so you know it already works...

    How this works.
    1. Unsubscribe from the original mods. IEB & SuperNos This won't work otherwise.
    2. Subscribe to this mod.
    3. Add "Indestructible Engine Block" in the mod slot on the vehicle of your choice.
    4. Add SuperNos bottle to your car if you wish to, and adjust the sliders in your tuning tab.

    Feel free to suggest vehicles to add to this mod, just drop the link to the vehicle below and I will try and make it happen.


    Mods you should use with this mod (optional but recommended)
    Extra/Variable Grip Tires
    Super Radiators

    Credits to the original author of Indestructible Engine Blocks
    Credits to the original author of SuperNos

Recent Reviews

  1. Omrie
    Version: 1.9a
    Best Mod Ever, I Love It Because We Can Rev To Infinity Without Problems. I Downloaded This In Early Stages And I Love It.
    1. KaMiKaZeE443
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the feedback!
  2. Shantanu Kale
    Shantanu Kale
    Version: 1.7
    I love the mod but it seems like some cars that have the race exhaust lose the raspy and straight piped sound. is there any reason for this?
    1. KaMiKaZeE443
      Author's Response
      I stated this issue under "Current Issues" I am still yet to figure out why this happens, even the original mod did this. Thank you for your review though!
  3. rednasm
    Version: 1.6
    Very good mod!, can you make nitrous possible on the new Cherrier?
    1. KaMiKaZeE443
      Author's Response
      Thank's for your feedback, as per your request all default cars will have an updated version of SuperNos avaliable to them when using this mod, just waiting for the update to be approved!
  4. Hirxchi
    Version: 1.5
    this mod is great! one thing though could you make it work with RK twincharge mod?
  5. Divepunk
    Version: 1.3
    One of the better mods I've used, many engines suffer from not being able to handle alot of power without **BOOM**. I mean yeah now there is the stages of engine block tuning that can allow for more power without the engine death(to some degree). Though they add power themselves when I may just want power from say an S/C or Nitro. without engine detonation. Also yes I am aware of the heavy duty blocks that don't really add any power, primarily toughness and durability. Though those they don't always handle RPM or even allot of power so well. This mod does not need them there blocks(whether I use them or not) lol.

    Then there are engines from mods I have that just simply explode upon loading up a vehicle with them or installing then into a vehicle with no modification to the engine. This mod has single handedly allows me to drive one of my favorite vehicles(A ragged looking but selectively powerful demo derby style orange d-series I've put together), because without the mod the engine just has explosion-death.

    I have over 200 mods and this one is possibly in the top 5 keep on keeping it updated, and improved if possible.

    5 STARS!!!
    1. KaMiKaZeE443
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your feedback is it greatly appreciated!
  6. RacingRichardYTOfficial
    Version: 1.3
    I love bouilding drag cars, so this is perfect! Is there a way to do this to a mod that i want to do it to?
  7. Can-06
    Version: 1.3
    Well, older one was still working for me but that's fine.
    1. KaMiKaZeE443
      Author's Response
      Hey man that's fine, you can use whatever one works best for you :)
  8. pathmada
    Version: 1.3
    thank you, works much better now.
    though i have noticed that the sunburst engine can still die if you really abuse it, but i'm not sure what it actually dies of, was using default CVT config with 1500 NOS on permanently and shifting between drive and reverse randomly with the brakes on, engine locked up with no message saying why
    1. KaMiKaZeE443
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the info, I will have a play with it and see if i can replicate and or fix the issue.
  9. pathmada
    Version: 1.2
    works better than the previous one did, but engines still lock up when the oil reaches 400 degrees C, would be much better if the mod prevented engine lockup entirely, so temperature has no effect
    1. KaMiKaZeE443
      Author's Response
      Just uploaded the update to fix the issue now, thank you for your feedback.
    Version: 1.2
    who would win ?
    twin hiroshima choo choos boi pumpin' in to whiny murica screw fan with 2500 shot of giggle gas
    one indestructable boi
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