Indestructible Engine Blocks & Adjustable NOS 3.3a

5000 shot of NOS? Stage 4 super charger? No problem!

  1. Fixes for 3.3

    Fixed - Covet's 1.5 L engines.
    Fixed - Wendover now has indestructible radiator.

    If any other issues arise please make sure to comment.
  2. Added support for the Wendover (Partially)

    Hello everyone, just a small update to add support for the Wendover, I am having a little problem getting the indestructible radiator to work, the block and NOS both work fine. If someone knows why it's not working please let me know, I will update with a fix when I can, but life is busy...
  3. Small update (Fixes)

    Hey everyone just a small update to address a couple of issues that still existed.

    Fixed Barstow block being named wrong
    Fixed Grand Marshel not having indestructible block

    Next update
    Adjustable RPM limiter

    As always if there are any issues please leave a review, message me directly on the forum or send me a message on discord @ KaMiKaZeE#5537
  4. A couple of fixes

    Just some fixes...
    1. Fixed Ibishu Cover 1.8 and 2.0 Engines not having IEB

    2. Fixed Burnside Special 313 CI V8 Engine not having IEB

    3. Fixed Vivace NOS still being named SuperNos (Was supposed to be named Indestructible Nitrous Oxide like the rest)

    I just want to say a quick thank you to Uzthiudiskazspreko for pointing out the engines the needed to be fixed and thank you to the users of...
  5. Small update!

    Just a small update...

    1. This update in a nutshell just removes the "Stages". Every Indestructible Engine Block is now its best performance variant.

    2. Fixed a couple of vehicles that had duplicate IEB blocks

    This should work with the new update with not problems however if you encounter any please contact me via the comment section, DM or Discord...

    Discord - KaMiKaZeE#5537
  6. NOS Update

    Hello everyone, this is just a small update that renames the NOS from superNOS to Indestructible NOS

    As always if there are any issues please feel free to DM me, or contact me on discord - KaMiKaZeE#5537
  7. Clutch update

    This update adds indestructible clutch.
    You don't need to do anything for this, there's no slot for it, it will be silently applied when you use the indestructible engine block.

    Support was also added for the Vivace 2.5L Super Diesel as per request from bradlylewis22

    As a side note, if you have issues with this mod, please don't leave a bad review,...
  8. Indestructible Radiators!

    This update brings Indestructible Radiators!
    Say goodbye to engine overheating!

    As always this only works for default cars & configs!

    Upcoming next update - No clutch overheating

    If there are any issues feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly.
  9. Small Fix

    Forgot to add a value back, cars were still going pop, this update will fix it...sorry.
  10. Performance Variants

    This update is to address the issue of not having "performance" variants of the engine blocks, each engine has its now has its indestructible performance variants!


    Hope you enjoy, be sure to comment or contact me if there's any issues!
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