Beta Innocents Real Life Car Replicas Pack 5.0 - 1 Year Anniversary

Added TUNING PARTS! Contains 20 Awesome replicas. Now 1 year old and still going!

  1. Fully revised Trabant 601 + Revised Jbeam model of Lawn mower

    The trabant is one of my oldest replicas and needed a revision REALLY BAD.
    So I took some time and made this: The Trabant 601 deluxe.
    Its now 2km/h faster(!!) (Still cant reach 100km/h lmao)
    Ive completley redone the whole styling of the car and used newly made skills to improve it.
    Ive added custom text, a DDR plate, Windscreen wipers and a nozzel, better lights, better bodylines etc.
    See for yourself:
    HighresScreenshot00058.png HighresScreenshot00059.png HighresScreenshot00063.png HighresScreenshot00074.png HighresScreenshot00073.png HighresScreenshot00069.png HighresScreenshot00070.png HighresScreenshot00065.png

    Ive also revised the Lawn mower Jbeam model as it was utter garbage. Itr should now crash a bit better.
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