Beta Innocents Real Life Car Replicas Pack 5.0 - 1 Year Anniversary

Added TUNING PARTS! Contains 20 Awesome replicas. Now 1 year old and still going!

  1. Changed vehicle icon

    Ive changed the Vehicle icon of the GMC Typhoon
    Its now from a different angle
  2. New car + Revised Engine JBeam of Rimac EV

    Ive COMPLETELEY revised the Engine JBeam file of the Rimac Concept_One.
    It now is VERY close to its Real life counterpart.
    I spent 3+ Hours on this. You better apprechiate it!;)
    Thanks for @fufsgfen for helping me out with this!

    The Truest form of Honda now is here!

    The Honda HF2466 HTE. A Lawn Mower!
    Now your garden in Beam doesnt have to suffer anymore!...
  3. Added new car

    The Devil of all cars joins the pack!
    The Lamborhini Diablo VT 6.0 now is available!
    550 Horsepower of N/A V12 goodness! It also sounds like a freaking fighter jet!
    HighresScreenshot00427.png HighresScreenshot00428.png HighresScreenshot00429.png HighresScreenshot00435.png HighresScreenshot00433.png HighresScreenshot00436.png HighresScreenshot00437.png
  4. Added new car

    The 2nd best Mustang you could buy at its time!
    The Fort Mustang Shelbi GT500 07' arrives in the pack!

    Packed with over 500 Horses under the hood this thing will just GO! Although its quite heavy...
    HighresScreenshot00356.png HighresScreenshot00358.png HighresScreenshot00359.png HighresScreenshot00360.png HighresScreenshot00362.png HighresScreenshot00363.png HighresScreenshot00361.png HighresScreenshot00357.png
  5. Added new car

    Turn on A.C.H.S. and let it rumble!
    A.C.H.S.: Anti Crowd Hitting System. You cant turn it off.

    The Fort Mustang GT arrives!
    Sexy as hell and memed to death...The perfect muscle car! A lot of power, decent turning, big V8. All you ever need!
    HighresScreenshot00339.png HighresScreenshot00341.png HighresScreenshot00342.png HighresScreenshot00340.png HighresScreenshot00345.png
  6. Added new car

    Take a seat in the most luxurious car in the pack!
    The VW Pheaton W12 joins the pack!

    Underapprechiated, stylish, Top of the line. This is the ultimate sleeper. Everyone thinks its a Passat...but god are they wrong! Its a 450hp Top-of-the-line luxury barge with a newly invented W12 engine.
    Unfortunateley nobody trusted the VW badge to make anything good, meaning it was a...
  7. Added new car

    Welcome the Rimoc concept_one!
    Its an Electric Hypercar, with an electric sound!

    The fastest Electric car on the world now is in Beamng! Have fun!
    HighresScreenshot00398.png HighresScreenshot00399.png HighresScreenshot00400.png HighresScreenshot00403.png
  8. Added new car and fixed mod icons

    The Mod icons of the Vortex Omega and Tratant 601 now arent whited out anymore.

    A new challenger approaches!
    The Saleem S281 Extreme!

    The Most exclusive and expensive of them all! You wont find any better 06' Mustang than this! 550 horses propell this car forward with a lot of style!

    For more info on this beautiful dream car, Check it out in the Automation Repository or simply go on my profile and find it there!...
  9. Added new car

    The BWM 528i (US Spec) joins the pack!
    A suggestion from rottenfritzy and his irl car!
    This was the perfect choice when you wanted comfort combined with sport back then! 170 horses get it moving and well tuned suspension around the corners.
    For further info on the car, visit the mod in the Repository or simply go on my profile and check it out there!


    1. HighresScreenshot00329.png
  10. Added new car

    The Honde Odyssey 95' Joins the Pack!
    The nice, comfy and practical People mover you all know and love!
    For more info on the car, visit the mod on the Automatin Repo or simply go on my profile and check it out there!


    1. HighresScreenshot00316.png
    2. HighresScreenshot00319.png
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