Beta Ioniq drivetrain for the Sunburst Electric 2.0

Hyundai, AdamB and BeamNG, with knowledge from Michaelflat, blended by AM-DB9.

  1. AM-DB9
    Hi everyone :)
    This is my first published mod.
    It is a realistic powertrain for the Sunburst Electric, giving it specs very close to the real life Hyundai Ioniq Electric.

    For v 2.0 of this mod, you need this version of the Sunburst Electric and at least game v 0.16

    Hirochi was quick to let the eSBR4 technology trickle down to more mundane models. The Sunburst Ioniq is the first model to get the updated electric logic and fixed gear transmission.

    [SUPERSEDED: Looking at the code of Michaelflat's Dansworth transmissions, I realised the same technology could be applied to the torqueconverter of EVs.
    To my knowledge, this is the first EV in to get locked torque converter from 1 RPM (it's 1 because if you set it to 0, the parameter is ignored).]

    Key points:
    - Specs as close as possible to the real Hyundai Ioniq Electric (listed here)
    - [Almost always locked torque converter ensures realistic single gear reduction gearbox emulation] REPLACED by the eSBR4 bits from v 2.0 of this mod
    - Enjoy your most realistic EV yet :D


    One config included:


Recent Updates

  1. 0.16 improvements

Recent Reviews

  1. LightningDued5
    Version: 2.0
    11/10 much iioniqq
  2. aronthebugatti
    Version: 1.0
    very good
  3. SandwichesANDmilk
    Version: 1.0
    my grandma and grandpa have ioniq
  4. Datguy611
    Version: 1.0
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