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Outdated Island of Speed 1.4

An island that doesn't look like an island

  1. Trupoller
    Thanks to @GendulfDeGrei for this AWESOME trailer!

    !! Still playable, but lots of stuff is missing. !!
    Being worked on...

    Island of Speed - The island that calls for speed with it's straight roads, well it also has some turns!

    -one long, straight asphalt road
    -one long bridge
    -wide roads
    -one offroad terrain road
    -Gas Station
    -some streets
    -a road by the coast
    -a road in the middle of the ocean leading to some islands
    -some small/big lakes
    -3 tunnels
    -an abonded pier

    -FPS friendly (tunnels are FPS Killers ;)

    Known Bugs:
    -The AI is not on the road when it goes to the mid-ocean road
    -If you spawn(reset) your car on the bridge, the wheels will sometimes get stuck on it

    -If you find one, please report it at the discussion thread and do not rate bad

    This map wasn't meant to be uploaded to the mods, but because of quite a lot of messages recived saying: ''What map did you use in your screenshot?'' ''Will you upload it to the mods?'' and others like that, I just gave up a little bit and uploaded it here. I hope you will end the message chaos :p

    This is also my FIRST MAP so it might be simple and wierd at some parts.

    Here are also some
    screenshot_00000.png screenshot_00001.png screenshot_00002.png screenshot_00003.png screenshot_00004.png screenshot_00005.png screenshot_00006.png screenshot_00007.png screenshot_00008.png screenshot_00009.png screenshot_00010.png screenshot_00011.png screenshot_00013.png screenshot_00014.png screenshot_00015.png screenshot_00016.png screenshot_00017.png screenshot_00018.png screenshot_00019.png screenshot_00020.png screenshot_00021.png screenshot_00022.png screenshot_00023.png screenshot_00024.png screenshot_00025.png screenshot_00026.png screenshot_00027.png screenshot_00028.png
    If you want even MORE screenshots, check the updates tab


    Version 1.1 (VERY old)

    Version 1.2 (older)

    Version 1.4

    Thank you for the videos :)

    Enjoy the map and don't rate bad if something is wrong, use the discussion thread!

    !! Still playable, but lots of stuff is missing. !!
    Being worked on...
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Recent Updates

  1. Minor changes
  2. Tunnels, roads, piers & fix
  3. Fix & new stuff

Recent Reviews

  1. Ali Hikmet
    Ali Hikmet
    Version: 1.4
    did you know how you can drag? I know. You just need slowmotion. And also good map, buddy.
  2. JDMdrifter086
    Version: 1.4
    nice! im going to make a high speed endurance car for this map!
    Version: 1.4
    The best map! I reaaaaaalllyyy love this!! Good Work!!!
  4. Prince Naim
    Prince Naim
    Version: 1.4
    Made my drag car explode, i've got a lot of road to cover.
  5. Bowser2080
    Version: 1.4
    love this map.
  6. Fast-Subaru71
    Version: 1.4
    Really good map. It is really simple, it runs great and it is very enjoyable.
    You can even reach the Pigeon's top speed without tiping !
  7. Yrneh95
    Version: 1.4
    Really fun. great FPS too. It runs great on my 2009 mac
  8. NaNe
    Version: 1.4
    Great Map for a potato PC
  9. chiragchris
    Version: 1.4
  10. Max83
    Version: 1.4
    Grate map
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