Beta Italy Rally Time Trial 1.0

/dev/zero's 4 stage Italy rally time trial

  1. /dev/zero
    I was missing some longer rally time trial stages, so decided to make my own. There's 4 stages across the whole map with the first 3 having mixed gravel/tarmac and the last being pure tarmac. There's also a time trial that combines all of the stages into one long run called the behemoth.

    I've tried to set up the checkpoints such that pace notes wouldn't be required, but your mileage may vary.

    My own best times (They're not very good):
    Stage 1 - 07:04.828
    Stage 2 - 09:01.134
    Stage 3 - 08:08.873
    Stage 4 - 09:21.329
    Behemoth - 40:00.558


    1. dzRallyStage1.jpg
    2. dzRallyStage2.jpg
    3. dzRallyStage3.jpg
    4. dzRallyStage4.jpg
    5. dzRallyBehemoth.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. hawkyhawk14
    Version: 1.0
    Really enjoyable tracks, good variety. Thanks for taking time to make these.

    Shame about the recent update breaking time-trials checkpoints, but hopefully this is only temporary and wont tarnish this great mod!
  2. MatGamerPL299
    Version: 1.0
    When I play any of these time trials for 1st time, the checkpoints don't register. When I restart the trial, everything is fine. If I retry again however, every checkpoint just disappears
    1. /dev/zero
      Author's Response
      They fixed this bug in the 0.22.2 update :)
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