JDM D1 Pessima 2.21

F/R Drift suspension + steering, tuning parts and engine swaps

  1. AX53

    AX53 Tuning D1 Pessima

    (Wheels in image are from d-troxx pack)

    Thank you everyone for your kind reviews!

    The new update runs under a different file name. I suggest you remove atfr_pessima from your mods folder and keep pessima_atfr.

    Here is my little project which is about bringing out the bad-ass in the Pessima. I fell in love with this car ever since the creation thread was first started but I never felt that the available tuning parts gave this car justice. This pack will feature a bunch of extra parts, both cosmetic and performance in the theme of drifting.​
    • F/R Body option​
      • Right Hand Drive​
      • Sunroof​
      • F/R front suspension based on 200BX​
        • Adjustable TEIN coilovers​
        • Variety of steering knuckles for drifting up to 60 degrees lock​
      • F/R Inline 4 engine based on 200BX​
        • TODA N/A ITB intake & 4-1 extractor header​
        • Megaboost Top mount big turbo​
      • F/R Inline 6 engine based on 200BX​
        • Megaboost Top mount big turbo kit​
      • Live Axle rear suspension AE86 style based on Marshal​
        • 6 differentials in 2 ratios​
    • Dash dodger rollcage option​
    • Recaro SR3 seats​
    • Nardi Torino 350mm steering wheel​
    • Takata racing harness​
    • Fire extinguisher​
    • 2 Front lips painted and carbon fiber​
    • D-max style front widebody fenders​
    • D-max style heat extractor hood carbon fiber and painted​
    • Carbon boot option​
    • Bolt on rear overfenders​
    • Boot lip spoiler​
    • Different roof lips/spoilers​
    • Rain Guards​
    • Wing Mirror block off plates​
    • Fender mounted Wing Mirrors​
    • Rear lip bumper extension​
    • Side skirts​
    • Sunstrip in 2 sizes​
    • Window decals​
    • Drift charm plush toy​
    • Hood bra​
    • Blastpipe exhaust​
    • Relocated License Plate with plate frames​
    • Roof rack​
    • Pessima Headlight Extensions​
    • Tailpipes (Driftcannon, Apexi WS2, Vertical boso pipes, single and dual blastpipes)​
    • Skyline style tail lights​
    • Power 326 spoiler​
    • Fixed compatibility with coupe mod popup lights + widebody popup light fenders.​
    • 3L N/A option for i6​
    • Various engine sounds​
    • Wind deflector for roof rack​
    • Bike rack with BMX bike​
    • Modified wheel clearance on front bumper​
    • Tow hook with updated driftcharms​
    • Rear valances​
    • Top Secret Diffuser + Side splitters​
    • Upgraded Individual Rear Suspension​
    • Adjustable pre-compression in rear suspensions​
    • Volk TE37V 15x8 wheels with 195/45R15 stretched tires​
    Do you have questions, or want to make a suggestion?
    Please post them under Discussion after reading the FAQ below :)

    Will you make mods for 200BX?
    Maybe in the future. Personally I'm a bigger Pessima fan than 200BX which is why I made this mod to begin with, in order to make the Pessima rival the 200BX as a drift car. That said, some simple mods might be looked into in the future, like increased steering lock for example. I'm however not interested in making cosmetic upgrades for the 200BX.

    Will you make a V8 swap for the Pessima?
    At this point I'm not sure. LS swapped japanese cars isn't something I'm particularly fond of. If I make a V8 option it would be something more like a lexus 1uz-fe.

    Why are the spring rates not adjustable?
    They are. However I changed the format a bit with this mod. Instead of adjusting the spring rate from the tuning menu, you now have to go into the parts menu and physically change springs.

    Why do the coilovers have less tuning options than normal?
    I decided to clean up the tuning menu as much as possible by doing the following:
    Bundeling some options which affect both sides like for example front camber.
    Removing fast/slow damping and knee. Real coilovers usually don't provide progressive or digressive damping unless it's some really high end stuff found in WRC rally cars.
    With the slimmed down tuning menu it should be easier to navigate and work with and still provide everything you need.

    Recommended Additional Mods
    D-Troxx Wheel Pack
    Bhorton's Japanese License Plate Pack
    Atomix Coupe Mod (pop-up headlights)


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Recent Updates

  1. Moderation update (jbeam fix)
  2. Sound fix
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Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 2.21
    holy jesus batman i love you
  2. MitchHarry1
    Version: 2.21
    This just makes me happy
  3. Aid
    Version: 2.21
    Great mod, it truly is. But.. when I select one of the preset cars, the game crashes.
  4. lou1e
    Version: 2.21
    i have been having problems with the mod i have used it before and it was the most detailed mod i have ever used but now once i use it my game crashes i got it off the repository of the game itself
  5. Blv Beam
    Blv Beam
    Version: 2.21
    This is an outstandingly amazing mod, By far the best mod ive ever seen on beamng, Yet there's a problem that i think needs to be fixed is that, the window decals crash the damn game. The configs in the pessima selection dont work, and immediately crash the game resulting in me and probably everyone else having to create their own pessima.. Otherwise.. fucking awesome mod bro!
  6. Zero Crosseyd
    Zero Crosseyd
    Version: 2.21
    It Taught Me How To Drift 69/10
  7. Crispy06
    Version: 2.21
    awesome mod. I was wondering thoug, when will you start working on the Ibishu Skyvia again? It's the mod i've been looking for since forever
    1. AX53
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :)
      Sadly on the skyvia, initially i lost interest but now I've had a hard drive failure and lost it :(
  8. @op@
    Version: 2.21
    Amazing mod, but crashing with it will also cras your game¨
  9. TheDrShoemaker
    Version: 2.21
    It's an amazing mod! But every time i car this car, My game crashes.
  10. Chrystale
    Version: 2.21
    These actually look really good! 5 Stars!
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