Beta Jungle Rock Rapid Response 1.0

Welcome to the Jungle! Same deal like before, however this time with a storyline.

  1. arnok19

    Welcome to the third and final part of the Rapid Response!

    Please download the required mod below for a better experience. Download the file named "AN12".
    Dummiesman AN12

    You’ll be playing the first chapter that is A Perilous Addiction, consisting of 05 scenarios where Jungle Rock Police Department needs your help in bringing down the dangerous Calendula drug cartel and successfully foiling their future plans.
    Assist them in their mission. Reach the location within the allotted time as well as beat the target times to achieve a gold medal. Avoid driving reckless otherwise it’s a failure!

    There are 04 target times (Master, Distinction, Merit and Passed) you need to beat in each scenario. Have a look at the pic below.
    You can read the summary or the description to get an idea about the current situation in the scenario. Although, it is recommended to read the description at least once.
    screenshot_2021-02-21_18-00-11.png screenshot_2021-02-21_18-08-12.png screenshot_2021-02-21_18-13-28.png screenshot_2021-02-21_18-23-01.png screenshot_2021-02-21_18-35-51.png screenshot_2021-02-21_12-08-16.png

    Let me know in the discussion thread if you encountered any bugs. Please don’t use the Review section.

    Q) Where are the scenarios?

    A) After downloading the scenario mod, click on the "Scenarios" tab. There you'll find my scenarios waiting for you!

    Q) Do I need Fiction Police Livery Pack mod?
    A) For this scenario mod, you won't require it. The game uses default police cars. Just verify that you have the Dummiesman AN12 airplane mod installed.

    @Dummiesman – allowing me to use his airplane mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Gamergull
    Version: 1.0
    Great job! It's rare to see a good storyline in a scenario pack such as this one. Looking forward to more!
    1. arnok19
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot :)
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