Outdated Jurassic Park Tour Car Skin 2015-11-15 v1.2

Journey through Jurassic Park with this tour car skin for the Roamer!

  1. TheDarkGhost

    Make your Roamer look like the tour car from Jurassic Park with this skin!
    This mod is fully compatible with other skins! You will be able to select it from the part menu.
    Note: The BFGoodrich tyres, shown in the screenshots, can be found here.

    Place the .zip file into your mods folder. (Usually located at: C:\Users\UserName\Documents\BeamNG.drive\mods)

    Recommended Colour Options:



    1. screenshot_00008.png
    2. screenshot_00009.png
    3. screenshot_00010.png
    4. screenshot_00011.png
    5. screenshot_00012.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. PoehlerBehr
    Version: 2015-11-15 v1.2
    I'm sure that this was a decent mod back in its day, but as somebody from the year 2017, it doesn't actually work. It only applies to the D-Series from what I've experienced, and not the Roamer. Once again, I'm pleased that someone took the time to make this, but am the slightest disappointed that its been abandoned.
  2. Smudge88888888
    Version: 2015-11-15 v1.2
    love it and when I show my dad he will love it to now I need to find a deloreon from back to the future
  3. Acrain7
    Version: 2015-11-15
    this mod is quit good, needs a little bit of shading and the glass bubble roof then it will be fully Jurassic park.
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