Beta KLJP 1.01

Expansive and immersive configuration pack focused on Japanese autos

  1. Kueso
    Installment Three of:
    Kueso and LJ's Japan Pack

    NOTE: This mod relies on "core mods:"

    KLJP is the spiritual successor to WBIMP but this time around the focus on quality over quantity is much more paramount; and of course, we narrowed down our selection to just Japanese cars. Granted most all of this is not "developer quality" in the sense that it was produced professionally, but we tried to achieve a high standard of quality regardless.

    -A lot of finely tuned, factory and lore friendly configurations to attempt to improve your immersion
    -Many engines, bodystyles, skins, badges, interior colors, and much more
    -Japanese Domestic Market model lineups for some cars with some parallels to their ""real life counterparts""
    -Makes extensive use of all KLJP Core Mod rims
    -Makes extensive use of finely tuned engine sounds, and some custom ones from KLJP Core Mod.

    Bugs (and my laziness)
    -Colors arent selectable just yet, and some configurations use custom colors because for some reason or another mods cannot add additional colors to the base game color swatch of any given car
    -Performance stats are a write-off for most configurations, things change around too much to warrant making them
    -Probably going to have some errors with other mods as this mod was mostly untested with other mods, but most all of it is designed in a way for it to never conflict with another mod (knock on wood).
    Likely some misinformation in the descriptions of some cars as keeping track of so much is hard and time consuming.

    -Sunburst facelift (needs: full interior remodel, Sun-E body paneling)
    -Covet content will be nuked by the upcoming game update, please keep this in mind.

    screenshot_2022-04-06_01-16-40.png screenshot_2022-04-06_01-18-24.png screenshot_2022-04-06_01-19-08.png screenshot_2022-04-06_01-19-27.png screenshot_2022-04-06_01-25-56.png
    screenshot_2022-04-09_01-49-45.png screenshot_2022-04-09_01-48-28.png screenshot_2022-04-09_01-48-58.png
    screenshot_2022-04-09_01-53-42.png screenshot_2022-04-09_01-54-41.png screenshot_2022-04-09_01-54-29.png
    screenshot_2022-04-09_01-58-23.png screenshot_2022-04-09_01-58-55.png
    screenshot_2022-04-09_02-01-37.png screenshot_2022-04-09_02-01-53.png screenshot_2022-04-09_02-01-24.png screenshot_2022-04-09_02-02-41.png
    screenshot_2022-04-09_14-23-02.png screenshot_2022-04-09_14-23-28.png screenshot_2022-04-09_14-25-37.png screenshot_2022-04-09_14-24-56.png
    screenshot_2022-04-10_02-30-55.png screenshot_2022-04-10_02-32-06.png screenshot_2022-04-10_02-31-15.png
    screenshot_2022-04-13_16-31-55.png screenshot_2022-04-13_16-20-50.png
    screenshot_2022-04-13_17-01-58.png screenshot_2022-04-13_17-02-36.png screenshot_2022-04-13_17-02-46.png
    screenshot_2022-04-13_16-59-05.png screenshot_2022-04-13_16-58-28.png
    screenshot_2022-04-13_17-06-58.png screenshot_2022-04-13_17-07-57.png screenshot_2022-04-13_17-08-05.png screenshot_2022-04-13_17-08-24.png
    screenshot_2022-04-15_17-27-32.png screenshot_2022-04-15_17-28-04.png screenshot_2022-04-15_17-28-23.png
    screenshot_2022-02-17_16-50-38.png screenshot_2022-02-17_16-51-45.png
    - @Kueso
    - @LJ74
    - @Calarist (coupe pessima model)
    - @Theo Wilkinson (all facelifted Sunburst content)
    - @Finn Wilkinson (facelift sunburst initial design)
    - @DaddelZeit (facelift sunburst gauge display and hybrid logic and other LUA)
    - @SuperAusten64 (for quote, "two lightly modified textures and a lot of nitpicking")
    - My Discord server for beta testing and suggestions

    That's all for now. Report bugs in the mod thread and have fun!

Recent Updates

  1. Pre-Release Bugfixing

Recent Reviews

  1. pntox
    Version: 1.01
    Hello I do not know why sunburst does not open on my computer! I think there is a problem with the car's textures (shown in silver) What can I do, please help Leave a hybrid and facelift with no bug version for Hirochi Sunbrest only
  2. HangukMoon
    Version: 1.01
    I've been driving the facelift variants (exclusively) and I just wanted to say thank you! Its so much fun driving around in a gts6-r :)
  3. Bibianjou
    Version: 1.01
    This mod is clearly an amazing one that i appreciate very much with many great additions. I only have 2 minor concerns:
    - The Sunburst Hybrid has quite of an unrealistic driving experience when battery is at a low level and the system gives everything on the E-motor and barely takes time to charge it up so you just end up driving 10 miles normally until the battery is drained
    - The dashboard of the SBR4 facelift is a bit outdated imo.
    Despite that this mod is truly good and I can’t wait for the Sunburst textures to be updated since it’s very needed
  4. Lions
    Version: 1.01
    nice mod
  5. Zobbii
    Version: 1.01
    The pack is amazing xorthy suscessor of WBIMP nice work !

    I only have one request for the dashboard of the sunburst facelift it will be cool if in comfort mode the speed shown up in the centre of the screen in place of the gear displays, kinda like the bastion.

    Sorry for my bad english.
  6. dis0nored
    Version: 1.01
    I was looking for something close to a honda civc 99 sedan and this is pretty dam close. I'm currently enjoying the 1.6L engine variant of ibishu. However I own a honda civic 99 and the only thing I have to point out is that for a stock 1.6L engine it idles too high. it should be at no higher than 500rpm. I don't know if you can simulate the "cooling" fan going off to regulate engine's temperature. The car dose idle at high rpm until it reached optimum temperature, i'm not sure if you can represent that as well
  7. adamharis1243
    Version: 1.01
    Am loving this
  8. 16PiXel-Dude
    Version: 1.01
    Really good work from the team as expected, but i want to talk about the
    facelift version of Hirochi Sunburst, all tho the exterior looks amazing and you can really see some big changes, the interior looks outdated ( same steering wheel, same door panels, same navigation unit and same Ac controls...)
    hope you guys don't mind my honest review !
  9. Nicho 2
    Nicho 2
    Version: 1.01
    i loved the look of the facelifts this might just be a problem with me but the sunburst controls are just gone
  10. grandturismo231323
    Version: 1.01
    Amazing mod
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