Kolas GTR 2018 1.1

Imitation of a Japanese Godzilla

  1. Kolas
    First upload of my automation progress.

    Used spec sheet as much as possible.

    engine(piston size, compression, rpm limit),
    turbo(compression, turbine),
    tires(size, type),
    transmission(ratio, final drive, top speed),
    brakes(size, type) are same with 2018 Nissan R35 GTR.

    Got 540 bhp and 640 nm without using quality bar too much. if you want it 600 bhp like original (or alpha 12 and 16) write it on the comments. It got 1m19s time on top gear track in Automation, real one with The Stig got 1m17s.

    My first goal is getting that time in Automation and alpha performance version.

    screenshot_00002.png HighresScreenshot00004.png HighresScreenshot00000.png
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