Koyote Jasper 1.0

Koyotes first attempt to build a pickup for the US market. With a 3 cylinder engine

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The Koyote Jasper was created by Koyote back in 2018 for the US market, where Trucks have a big market share.

    AIn an attempt to be a bit more unique and also show off their tech, Koyote decided to create a completely new, high tech engine for the Pickup that will help the drivers to save fuel/Koyte wanted a vehicle that had a normal fuel consumption from an european Pov.

    So: The SQT engine was born. Sqt stands for sequential turbo, the engine is this truck is a 1.5l long stroke 3 cylinder engine with two turbo chargers, a smaller one for down low/torque and a bigger one for full throttle acceleration or additional torque and power for overtaking etc.
    The 1.5 sqt ultra features 212hp and 370NM peak torque/about 310NM holding torque.

    Yes, the truck has a 1.5l 3 cylinder engine. Yes, i consider myself a reasonable person and this as a reasonable engine choice.

    But the US americans didn't, so in 2021, Koyote started to offer a modified version of an FX6, the biggest new engine from the FX generation, sourced from the Koyote LS. It's a 3.0l inline six and modified to make a bit less power and a lot more torque than a comparable big engine in the LS sedan.

    Both engines use an 8 speed advanced auto box, AWD (not 4x4) with three manual diff locks, optional offroad tires and lifting (the ones in this pack don't have those options)

    Up to 3.5t tow capacity for both engines
    screenshot_2022-02-24_15-10-43.png screenshot_2022-02-24_15-10-54.png screenshot_2022-02-24_15-11-02.png screenshot_2022-02-24_15-11-09.png screenshot_2022-02-24_15-13-28.png screenshot_2022-02-24_15-13-39.png screenshot_2022-02-24_15-31-09.png
    800kg for the bed is okay (this rock is too heavy btw at 1440kg)
    limited offroad capabilities.
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