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Koyote Solara V10 1.0

Koyotes unsuccesssful V10 successor

  1. PlayKoyote24
    After the production of the now iconic and back than really popular (at least the B model) Koyote V10 ( https://www.beamng.com/resources/koyote-v10.5658/ ) ended in 1991, Koyote decided to make a successor. As the original V10 was kinda small for an expensive sedan, Koyote decided to make it much bigger and comfotable, whilst also using a sporty engine. Which is not based on the Intachers V10, that also launched in 1994, but on the original V10s engine.
    The combiation of the big comfy sedan and the sporty, but ageing 4.2l V10 was generally not that well received. Also, the Solara "imitating" the V10s front design to a certain degree was disliked. screenshot_2019-09-16_10-05-11.png screenshot_2019-09-16_10-05-19.png screenshot_2019-09-16_10-05-35.png

    So in 2000, the car got a facelift. That made the engine more sporty, but also replaced the aiir suspension with an active comfort suspension. And changed the front design from being a cheesy V10 imitation to being faceless and just really plain. The car was discontinued in 2004. screenshot_2019-09-16_10-07-03.png screenshot_2019-09-16_10-05-46.png screenshot_2019-09-16_10-06-49.png
    But it is kinda popular as a used car, as it was well equipped, mostly driven carefully by elderly people, has a big Koyote V10 and it became really cheap.

    Please give feedback, but keep in mind that the car is more about the Koyote Car Company Story i try to create and less about making the best posssible car.
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