Alpha latso offroad type s 0.01

this is my first mod.this car has inline 4 engine with performance has no turbo :(

  1. Gamer5
    the offroad jeep called "latso" has inline 4 engine with performance intake.
    you can lock front diff, rear diff and mid diff. it can run over bolide.:):).
    but not on 1996 pessima.:(:mad::(. thank you and have fun. BeamNGdrive-013006437-RELEASE-x6412-Feb-198_19_11PM.png BeamNGdrive-013006437-RELEASE-x6412-Feb-198_19_50PM.png BeamNGdrive-013006437-RELEASE-x6412-Feb-198_20_18PM.png BeamNGdrive-013006437-RELEASE-x6412-Feb-198_20_36PM.png BeamNGdrive-013006437-RELEASE-x6412-Feb-198_21_22PM.png BeamNGdrive-013006437-RELEASE-x6412-Feb-198_21_33PM.png BeamNGdrive-013006437-RELEASE-x6412-Feb-198_25_07PM.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Coshei
    Version: 0.01
    Don't worry about bad coments and do the best :D
  2. Nathan24™
    Version: 0.01
    Looks awful.
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