Light Noodle 2 1.0

Colourful very hard difficulty track

  1. DeckedGlobe2199
    Now that I've gotten more familiar with BeamNG's track builder, I decided to get a bit more creative with this one. I took some aspects from the last track, beefed them up a bit, added some new stuff, and made it a bit longer. This noodle is also quite a bit more colourful than the first.

    This track is tested with the Powerglow/Gr.4 Civetta Bolide. Slower vehicles might not be able to complete the track.


    • Big drop
    • Tangled loop with up to 110 degrees of bank
    • Double loop-the-loop
    • Jumps
    • Tunnels
    • Something that tests your straight line ability (I don't have a name for it)
    screenshot_2020-02-17_18-20-00.png screenshot_2020-02-16_14-17-37.png screenshot_2020-02-17_18-11-30.png screenshot_2020-02-18_20-43-16.png
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