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Locate & Apprehend 3 Revised 2.0 (

Locate, and apprehend a reckless driver in a Moonhawk.

  1. Update 2.0

    Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
    This update is to increase the difficulty of this scenario, as it was too easy previously, with players getting under a minute times.
    • Renamed to Locate & Apprehend 3 Revised
    • Changed the spawn location of the Moonhawk.
  2. Patch 1.4

    Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
    • Updated for 0.8.
    • Replaced the Moonhawk Custom with the Moonhawk V8 due to an AI issue.
    • Updated the thumbnail picture.
  3. Patch 1.3

    Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
    • Fixed the issue of the license plate not loading properly on the Moonhawk.
    • Fixed some things in the description.
    • Changed, and fixed the thumbnail.
    • Changed the placement on the list of scenarios.
  4. Patch 1.2

    Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
    • Fixed a spelling error of 'past', to 'pass'.
  5. Patch 1.1

    Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
    • Fixed an issue where people couldn't download the mod due to it's name.
    • Fixed the spelling of 'Grand Marshall', to the correct spelling of 'Grand Marshal'
    • Removed the 'You got stuck' failure.