Locate & Apprehend - Small Island 2.3

Locate, and apprehend a wanted felon in a brown D-Series.

  1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
    Locate & Apprehend - Small Island
    Locate, and Apprehend 2 has gotten a makeover. Now renamed Locate & Apprehend - Small Island, it has been updated, and changed to become part of the new style of the Locate & Apprehend scenario series. Original, this scenario was way different, with different vehicles, different time limit, different spawn locations, and the suspect's AI was set to Flee. Now the vehicles have been changed, longer time limit, the spawn locations have been improved, and the suspect AI is set to Random.You have 10 minutes on the Small Island map to find the suspect. Since the AI mode is set to Random, you could theoretically sit in a spot, and wait for the suspect to past you. It's up to you. Make sure you are careful, as you can destroy your car to the point where you fail the scenario. Good luck.
    Version 2.1

    Stop the suspect, but don't destroy your vehicle.

    Small Island, USA

    D-Series (Opponent)
    Sheriff Roamer (Player's Car)

    The AI vehicle can sometimes get stuck, or crash, causing the count down timer to activate, and the scenario to end. This is a game issue, nothing I can do to fix it.

    Originally known as "Locate & Apprehend 2 Revised".
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Recent Updates

  1. Patch 2.3
  2. Patch 2.2
  3. Patch 2.1

Recent Reviews

  1. Marnix
    Version: 1.0
    I liked it, its a shame you drive the same model car as the guy fleeing tho. But definetly fun
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