Lotus 78 1.0

First ground effect f1 car

  1. delorean835
    Version: 1.0
    I just did a series of tests for all three F1 cars you've made. Here's the results:

    1. Lotus 78. The best handling. However it's downforce gives it a top speed handicap.
    2. Tyrrell P34. The easiest to drive, and the fastest. But it has two flaws. 1st, it understeers quite a bit. and 2nd, it has a noticeable amount of front lift at high speed, further contributing to it's understeer while making it extremely stable.
    3. Ferrari 312t. This car is a complete nightmare to drive. It's only merit is it's acceleration.
    1. fillman86
      Author's Response
      I surprised you struggled so hard with the ferrari, that one wasn't so bad. Keep in mind though, the Tyrrell and ferrari have very little downforce, and basically no downforce on the front due to the limitation of technology.

      Those frontal aero parts were not for downforce, but to reduce drag. Consider watching the videos I've released for them for more information on the builds.

      On the other hand the 78 was the easiest because it was the first car to have ground effect, meaning it could have a spread of downforce. It also struggled during races because it generated too much drag, reducing its top speed. Consider watching the video I made on it for the history of the car and the meta behind the build
  2. chillipepper111
    Version: 1.0
    Nice one :)
  3. Apexio
    Version: 1.0
    I love ur models, the videos too, showing how much info u use and put it into ur work. this also needs some time, right.
    this is pretty cool
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