LSEV L1 2nd Gen 2021-Present 2.1

Remember the L1? Well, it has a new generation that just come out. It's safer, better, and FASTER.

  1. MEM756
    Hi there! Even so you don't believe it, the original LSEV L1 is quite old. It came out in 2009, so it is a dinosaur. It has STANDARD 2000's (!) security, poor handling due to modern normal ways, and also many mistakes, hat even so people like it alot, it is pretty hard to mantain so much as a new car, and also, it's too slow. But today, an all new next gen, has just arrived. Here, you will see in detail the changes which have been done for the 2021 model year: First, let's discuss the design:

    Yeah, it's evolutive, but not revolutive.
    Here, you can see that in the front (above), the changes are very noticable, but keeps the design, that we all love, and rear (below)
    Also, we have to notice, the safety is now a point that no-one can argue about. It is 2020's safety features standard, now on full-LED, better features, but if you ask, it was and always has been a TWO-SEATER ON TANDEM AS THE RENAULT TWIZY. Technology is better now, with a full-digital screen, which is the central and only one, so does the steering wheel. Also, let's talk about speed. IT NOW REACHES 196.2 KM/H (121.9 MPH). Now it can go down ramps! Just, don't floor it so much.

    This is the engine, keeping the same as the updatedd first generation.

    Now, the engine. It's still a L4, but now a 1.67L, fitting the updated 1ST GEN , with 96.6HP. As you can see, it keeps it's essence, but makes it much better, more current. Anyway, if you wanna check the 2009-2020 MK1, go here:

    Also, feel free to test this and all my other cars, specially the original L1, and tell me whether you like it, and if you prefer new over classic. So, thanks for watching, and see you next time! But, before you go, down here, is a gallery of both cars, down below:
    First Gen 2009-2020 Front View
    Now, the rear view.
    The all-new MK2 2021-Present, front view.
    Here's the rear view
    Now, you can see them both in front and rear outside a factory.
    Now the Front and Rear view of the MK1

    More family images: top view, front and rear end.
    Also, wait for the new 2021 heritage edition, and more versions of this tiny car!
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