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Beta Melik's Fictional World Cars: 2021 Cadillac GT-V Version 1.0

Cadillac answer to a Grand Tourer

  1. Melik Viper SRT10
    My first mod! This is my answer for a GT From Cadillac... The new 2021, CadGTV.png [The "GT" is made in photoshop by me. Other logos are owned by their respective owners.]

    Photo82.png Photo76.png Photo77.png
    Engine: 6.2 liter NA V8.
    Power: 741hp/ 7200 rpm
    Drivetrain: FR
    Transmission: 7 Speed Dual Clutch
    Weight: 3,910 lb
    Top Speed: 227 mph

    Royal Spice Metallic
    Velocity Red
    Black Raven
    Summit White
    Red Obsession Tintcoat
    Satin Steel Metallic
    Wave Metallic

    Amethyst Moon Metallic (Fictional Color)

    Melik Final Thoughts!: Though It is fast, it is rear happy so it does tend to wheelspin. Plus its heavy, nearly 4,000 lbs. (3,910 to be specific). But Once you get used to it, It will be very fun to drive!


    1. Photo78.png
    2. Photo79.png
    3. Photo80.png
    4. Photo81.png
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