Menschen Kunst 1.0

definitely not a Volkswagen Arteon

  1. BeamNG.Lover2002
    Hmm when you have no wifi and decide to create an arteon well it doesn't get better then this without reference pics

    (pics taken in 0.20)
    screenshot_2020-11-29_16-33-38.png screenshot_2020-11-29_13-43-38.png screenshot_2020-11-29_13-44-05.png screenshot_2020-11-29_13-44-20.png screenshot_2020-11-29_13-44-30.png screenshot_2020-11-29_13-44-42.png screenshot_2020-11-29_13-44-56.png screenshot_2020-11-29_13-45-07.png screenshot_2020-11-29_13-46-33.png screenshot_2020-11-29_14-10-49.png screenshot_2020-11-29_14-10-58.png screenshot_2020-11-29_14-14-41.png screenshot_2020-11-29_14-15-27.png screenshot_2020-11-29_16-33-24.png
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