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Mercedes S-class pack 7+

A big recreation of the entire Mercedes S-class!

  1. italy0047
    I previewsly made this pack before, but now it's totally remastred with the game engine UE4_24+new addittions!
    The pack contains:
    The 280 S W116 (carburator, 4 auto-transmission, top speed 189 km/h)
    The 500 SE W126 (injection, 4-auto-transmission, top speed 240 km/h);
    The 500 SE W140 (injection, 4 auto-transmission, top speed 250 km/h);
    20200909162022_1.jpg 20200909162018_1.jpg
    The S430 W220 (injection, 5 auto-transmission, top speed 250 km/h);
    The S65 AMG W221 (injection, 7 auto-transmission, top speed 302 km/h);
    20200909161831_1.jpg 20200915193953_1.jpg
    The S600 Maybach W222 (injection, 7 dual-clutch, top speed around 303 km/h);

    Those cars has even horns!
    Sorry for W220 headlights and tailights, i couldn't do better:(

    Known issues:

    1) I placed the modern dashboard in the W126 because the old-style one doesn't fit.
    2) The W222's white painting appears made with chrome instead of painting since 0.20, i don't know where does this bug gome from.
    Infact i had to change it from two-one to black

    This is NOT a replica pack, so it isn't totally perfect

    Special thanks to the Interor Pack, Dog Tape Holes Maker, Patchwork and more awesome mods which have embellished the cars!


Recent Updates

  1. Hotfix
  3. Second engine remaster+stuff...

Recent Reviews

  1. Thomsen
    Version: 7+
    Amazing work on the bodies, I would love to see them with correct engines. :)
    1. italy0047
      Author's Response
      It's the 100,000,000 time that everybody says that, so if you guys let me work in peace, you will get the correct engines.
  2. mhegai
    Version: 6
    It looks good. it drives good, the engines arent correct but it doesnt make it worse...
  3. Derp_de_Herp
    Version: 6
    5 stars if you make all the windows transparent! (I know in real life that the rear windows are tinted black, but the default automation windows are really ugly imo, and just having half the windows transparent and half of them opaque black really looks out-of-place - hopefully, this shouldn't be too hard of a fix, which I imagine it isn't!)
    1. italy0047
  4. HJBold
    Version: 5
    The cars look great but what the heck is going on with the engines and transmissions. Why would a new S600 have a Boxer6 engine and why would an early 2000's S-Class have an 8 Speed Auto, it should be a 5 Speed. The S600 should always have a V12.
    1. italy0047
      Author's Response
      1) 2 stars for non perfect engines are UNACCEPTABLE because i spent over two hours to make both aesthetic and engine perfect in each car, so you misjudged bad all the work i did on this pack just for non perfect engines??
      2) This is not a replica pack but a simple recreation, so nothing is perfect;
      3) I'm not very good with making engines, so another good reason becarse they aren't perfect
  5. Angry_Bird
    Version: 3
    Though the looks of the pack are excellent, the engines of the cars are real issues.
    1. italy0047
      Author's Response
      Which ones?
  6. DaddelZeit
    Version: 1
    Amazing Work!
    1. italy0047
      Author's Response
      W140 on approval
  7. Martin.S
    Version: 1 (ON HOLD)
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