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Alpha Miramar Banger Racing Mod V1b

Miramar UK Derby mod

  1. jam_1989
    Miramar Banger V1a

    This is a mod I have been working on for a few years now, unfortunately I had to restart it multiple times when the model & beams kept getting updated/remastered.

    List of things changed from the base version
    - Remodeled & remapped interior
    - Custom normal maps.
    - Reworked front n rear door beams.
    - Reworked boot beams.
    - Reworked bonnet beams.
    - Remodeled engine cams & pulley
    - Removed radiator & stopped radiator from breaking
    - Fuel tank removed and stopped fuel tank from rupturing
    - Propshaft made stronger (Still W.I.P)
    - Reworked textures to make it looks more stripped out/paintable
    - Engine bay, interior & other bits are now paintable with custom skins
    - Reworked fender beams
    - Reworked rad support beam (trimmed version)
    - Driver seat beam re-positioned
    - Door window trim & handle options, Both are removable
    - Steering colum & brace

    Banger features
    - Roof fin variety
    - Sun visor
    - Cut & folded wings - 3 options
    - 3D water tank & hoses
    - 3D Hframe with fuel & battery lines - Car bends around the driver area like it has a fully working hframe & footplate
    - Bolted boot with adjusted beams - multiple different versions
    - Door & arch bolts
    - Foot plate
    - Variety of skins & replicas
    - Bonnet bolts with different options
    - Removable door trim and handles
    - Door plate options
    - Stripped down engine with working custom slots - SOHC & DOHC adjusted
    - PRI body option with adjusted rear beams (Trimmed rear valance)

    Palette Skin styles - 16 total
    Based on real teams & drivers colours

    - Mayhem#313
    - Mr. Mint#359

    Skins in general
    - FailRace#21

    Known issues
    - Panel jitters under really extreme damage (Happens if you hit it at 120MPH+ lol)
    - Fenders over lap door plates
    - Couldn't get middle fin plate beam to work correctly without roof collapsing
    - Mesh spiking in some areas
    - Driver, Passengers and Loads mod works but clips into the hframe (nothing major/game breaking)

    Things to be worked on in the future
    - Corner plate custom beams
    - Door plates with custom beams
    - LHD conversion with door plates
    - Fully working shortened exhaust
    - Steering colum options/variety

    NoDakSmack - I used your roof signs beams as a base for my fin plates.
    BeamNG devs

    Mod by jam_1989 aka Timmy76

    forum post

    If this mod pops up on other forums then I was not given permission
    This mod was posted on oval banger chat aswell


    1. 20200508152010_1.jpg
    2. 20200508152019_1.jpg
    3. 20200508152103_1.jpg
    4. 20200508152626_1.jpg
    5. 20200508153023_1.jpg
    6. 20200508153647_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed wheel changing

Recent Reviews

  1. lizak1
    Version: V1a
    great but rear wheels are missing
  2. Ricardo Spratt
    Ricardo Spratt
    Version: V1a
    First pack I have ever rated! This game is incredible and as a huge banger racing fan this pack is absolutely incredible! Can’t wait to see if more comes in the future, would love to see more cars being converted properly like this so my banger races have a bigger variety, or even can’t wait to see the rest of the livery’s appear.

    I run this mod with 14 cars on the Yarmouth oval and do massive banger races for hours on end.

    Incredible work !!!
  3. PriusRepellent2
    Version: V1a
    Don't usually ever rate a mod 5 stars but there's nothing I can really say to improve on.
    As someone also part of the UK Banger scene, everything looks perfect model wise and works perfectly in the package. It's got everything going for it!

    Only issues I found was you're unable to add numbers to the roof fins which is a shame, but that can be done if you fancy making skins for it yourself but I don't really know how to add them back in game without breaking something lol.

    Also the corner plates can also go slightly spiked in a big hit, the modified front support panel also has slight spiking. These are minor faults considering what has been added. This isn't just a config mod with a skin made for it, it's practically a whole new car added to the game but using the vanilla car to base it on!
  4. michael_zowski
    Version: V1a
    10/10 Would destroy my collector car again
  5. jake44
    Version: V1a
    love it a 8 car setup on a little oval would be so cool with them
  6. Gabbe313
    Version: V1a
    Very good mod with many good parts and configs
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