Miramar Pessima engine swap (1988) 1.1

2.0 litre and 1.8 litre I4's from the Ibishu Pessima (1988) swapped into the Miramar

  1. alex hart
    Just like the title says really. I got bored and wanted to drift the Miramar. Since the 2.0 litre Pessima engine is my favorite engine, I figured I'd swap it into the Miramar to make drifting more fun (which it certainly is). Whilst I was at it I figured I may as well add the 1.8 as well. Both engines make the car feel much more lively and fun to drive no matter how much you tune them. Add a turbo to the 2.0 litre engine and you can make a real track weapon.

    This mod includes:
    • Both 1988 Pessima engines in the Miramar
    • Pessima seats in the Miramar
    • Pessima exhausts on the Miramar
    • One Config
    • One skin
    • Pessima Turbos for the Miramar
    Everything in this mod is fully ported into the Miramar with models as well.



    1. screenshot_00252.png
    2. screenshot_00250.png
    3. screenshot_00254.png

Recent Updates

  1. pre_release fix

Recent Reviews

  1. KaiserimnopYT
    Version: 1.1
    1. alex hart
      Author's Response
      thanks! I've got to make some adjustments though
  2. Kuthlive
    Version: 1.1
    it's ok. It's a great idea, and it makes the car much more fun to drive, but there is 1 MASSIVE problem. The exhaust. When you open the hood and look a the engine, the exhaust manifold is at the front, not the side where it should be. This keeps me from using this mod, as i like building/modifying the cars in game as realistically as possible, and honestly that issue with the exhaust manifold ruins this entire thing for me.
    1. alex hart
      Author's Response
      Fair point. Should be fixed soon.
    Version: 1.1
    Very nice. Good for a sleeper car
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