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Miramar Vintage Rally Cup 1.3b

Master the Miramar through a series of stages

  1. Dogmatius
    Take part in the annual Miramar VRC to prove your worth in a battle against time and skill through several campaigns. Master the Miramar over a serie of rally stages, ranging from dangerous forest trails to narrow mountain roads.

    About this mod
    • 2 campaigns and 2 scenarios
    • A total of 9 unique stages
    • 4 custom vehicle configurations
    • Detailed pre-race stage information
    • Day/night time driving
    • Coherent map cicle
    • 2 custom Miramar liveries (Rally/GTz)

    East Coast

    The 1st annual VRC takes place on the East Coast. This event features a good mixture of tarmac, dirt roads and bumpy forest trails. Cobbled together with the addition of numerous road hazards, hairpin turns and jumps, this should be an excellent test of your skills.
    EC1.jpg EC2.jpg EC3.jpg

    2nd annual event of the Miramar VRC. Winding highways, narrow mountain trails and rocky dirt roads awaits you in Utah. Prove you can handle highspeed precision driving over uneven terrain to take home the goal.
    UT1.jpg UT2.jpg UT3.jpg

    Additional notes
    • This campaign was intended to be driven with a steering wheel. It might prove difficult with a controller or mouse and keyboard.
    • Known bug where you're not awarded any medal upon campaign completion
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Recent Updates

  1. Compatibility Patch
  2. Moderation : Fixes
  3. The 'Livery' Update

Recent Reviews

  1. MNF
    Version: 1.3b
    awesome work mate, excellent campaign
  2. valdepro
    Version: 1.3a
    the cars are nice. i can't find the scenarios in the scenario list tho.
    1. Dogmatius
      Author's Response
      They're there.. You just have to look closer.
  3. The-Old-twingo
    Version: 1.3a
    Is it english.
  4. BigStew14
    Version: 1.3a
    It's just amazing! Period. :D
  5. firelover
    Version: 1.2
    simply excellent
  6. Josef733
    Version: 1.2
    Its good, but unfortunately its very difficult to make the time with the current car.
  7. meredith999
    Version: 1.2
    There's a known bug where the vehicle might spontaneously catch on fire after driving through water. what
  8. Wahlfactor
    Version: 1.1
    Mucha betteru thanka you! :)
  9. Standard
    Version: 1.1
    LOL Nevermind, Lovely little scenario
  10. Davidhl1
    Version: 1.0
    Think it would be a great campaign if the car was a rally configuration, race car on slicks just doesn't work on the dirt at all
    1. Dogmatius
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your feedback. I will take a look at the car configuration to make it more accessible.
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