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Unsupported Mizuiro Kaizoe 1.0

A practical yet fast kei car

  1. The Stig Is A Spy
    In 2013, the Mizuiro Motor Company released a kei hatchback called the Kaga, which served as a throwback to their success selling inexpensive kei cars that held their own on the track. While it had a lot to offer in terms of performance and became a strong seller, it was outclassed by its competitors' vehicles, which boasted more interior space and all-around practicality.
    Not to be outdone, the Kaizoe (介添え) made its debut in 2015. Taking on a tall, boxy shape, it offered more room while still keeping the weight down to 618 kg (1362 lb). Improvements were also made to the engine, now a 658cc inline-four that runs smoother and quieter than the Kaga's three-cylinder. It makes more power as well, capable of 46 kW (62 hp).

    s0.jpg s2.jpg
    The Kaizoe S in turquoise

    Taking after the motorsports-oriented Kaga Cup, a rallycross Kaizoe was entered in several rally events. Its engine output was raised to 217 kW (291 hp), and despite the weight increase to 702 kg (1548 lb), it seemed to be a solid performer.

    r0.jpg r1.jpg r2.jpg
    The Kaizoe Rallysport

    After finding out about the Kaizoe's high centre of gravity the hard way, tuners began to fit their cars with widebody kits and stance them. While many tuned Kaizoes were derided for their cheap appearance, they were considerably more stable in corners. One tuner in particular gave their widebody Kaizoe a massive upgrade, replacing the engine with a massive 2328cc turbocharged inline-three churning out 664 kW (890 hp) at its peak. The turbocharger itself is big enough that it protrudes from the front for maximum thermal efficiency.*

    t0.jpg t1.jpg t2.jpg
    A Kaizoe tuned to 664 kW

    Mizuiro. Fluidity is what we value.

    My second kei car, inspired by (and modelled around) a Wagon R body published to the workshop by GrowfyBruce.
    - Taillights don't "fog up" in reverse
    - Quiet engine (S only)
    - Grille by thecarlover
    - Mirrors by thecarlover
    - Handles by thecarlover
    - Rear diffuser by l5o2k1s
    - S exhaust by accent
    - S wheels by thecarlover
    - Rallysport wheels by accent

    *I couldn't flip the engine model around without it turning a pretty hue of "no material" orange. What makes this especially frustrating is that the intakes are facing rearward. If somebody knows how to fix this, please let me know.


    1. s1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. MatthewStevenGo
    Version: 1.0
    Nice. I cannot wait to try that kei car in the BeamNG.drive! :)
    1. The Stig Is A Spy
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