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Beta Modgods Yellow Smoke Mod 1.0

Modgods yellow smoke mod turns your game in to a burnout comp

  1. nickbaxwar
    What the mod does is changes the burnout smoke to yellow and changes your tire marks to yellow as well.
    This mod will "NOT" change the engine smoke color.
    Let me know how you feel about it :)
    Just chuck the mod in your mods folder and away you go :)
    """Disable all other versions of modgods smoke mods"""
    To remove mod just disable or delete :)

    "Be sure to check out my facebook page url bellow"
    gvhfghfghf.png hgf.png

    here is a preview :

Recent Reviews

  1. therestnow
    Version: 1.0
    can i have the nascar that is on the video
    1. nickbaxwar
      Author's Response
      i got it from here so you should be able to
  2. MadLeigh
    Version: 1.0
    1. nickbaxwar
      Author's Response
      thanks mate yer i think this is my fav. it worked out so well
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