Unsupported More Parts for Ibishu Pessima 2.3b

Now with camper conversion varaint

  1. Peter Beamo
    AWD and some parts are now OUTDATED. Use at your own risk.

    More Parts for Ibishu Pessima

    What comes with the mod?
    over 100 selectable custom parts!

    - Body
    • Gambler Cut Offroad Unibody
    screenshot_2020-05-13_20-26-15.png screenshot_2020-05-13_20-26-28.png
    • Gambler Sedan Unibody
    • Comes with selectable rear fender flares
    • Gambler Stubby Unibody
    • Roughly Made Gambler Cabriolet Unibody
    • Gambler Cage Unibody
    • Camper Conversion Unibody (some parts still needs proper jbeam)
    screenshot_2020-05-20_21-11-26.png screenshot_2020-05-19_22-22-11.png

    - Vivace Engines and Powertrain
    • 1.5L i4 Diesel Engine
    • 1.6L i4 Engine
    • 2.0L i4 Engine
    • 2.0L i4 Diesel Engine
    • 2.5L i5 Engine
    • 6 Speed Manual
    • 6 Speed Sequential
    • FWD and Rally AWD Drivetrain
    • Locking Differential Added
    • This vivace AWD can be used with rally suspension only

    - AWD for original pessima engines with Locking Differential Added (WIP. No rear differential and drive shaft mesh at the moment)

    • This AWD can be used with any suspension but when using with the Rear Rally Suspension you MUST remove Rear Differential from its suspension first otherwise the car won't move.

    - Vivace Rally Suspension (IMPORTANT NOTES INCLUDED)
    • When using please set the wheel offset amount to 0.07-0.10 for 4,5 lug wheels to avoid wheels clipping with the wheel hubs.
    • And 0.15 for 6,8 Lug Wheels to avoid wheels falling off when driving.
    • When using with original pessima engines you MUST need to select new "front differential" for it in case to make the "front halfshaft mesh" appears and also to avoid breaking the halfshaft so easily when hitting something.
    • By the way I have configs all set so it means you don't really have to do anything much.
    screenshot_2020-04-18_21-47-05.png Capture.png
    - Lifted Independent Suspension

    • With Strut Spacer kit lifts the car up to 4-5inches with stock struts
    screenshot_2020-05-25_23-02-10.png screenshot_2020-05-26_13-01-52.png
    - Torsion Beam Suspension
    - Main Skins

    • Comes with clean and dirt version for each
    • Gambler500 Skin
    • Army (L-TRV) Skin
    • Military Skin
    • Dirt Skin
    • Diamond's_Coal Rally Skin
    • Rusty Skin
    • Vandalized Skin

    645107-0282dcc3b6245ca98f42d312430fa264.png 645106-005cc6d3367b70ab887d98930527930b.png 645105-3fc6aae059472ea8c13ef5f99648cb30.png screenshot_2020-04-30_19-33-28.png screenshot_2020-04-30_19-35-20.png screenshot_2020-05-09_12-43-50.png screenshot_2020-05-09_12-44-15.png

    - Front and Rear Bumpers
    • Normal and Cut Bumpers.
    • Come with selectable bumper bars front both front and rear. (Black and Colorable)
    • Front Lip
    • Rally Lights
    - Half Front Bumper
    • With 2 selectable front bars
    screenshot_2020-05-26_12-56-40.png screenshot_2020-05-26_12-56-12.png
    - 6 Front Bumper Bars

    • Also comes with Black Colour and Colorable option except for type 4
    • Type 1 / Type 2 / Type 3 / Type 4 / Type 5 / Bash Bar
    screenshot_2020-04-17_21-29-22.png screenshot_2020-04-17_21-29-45.png screenshot_2020-04-17_21-30-19.png screenshot_2020-04-24_23-36-10.png screenshot_2020-05-14_21-07-00.png screenshot_2020-05-09_13-15-28.png

    - 4 Hoods
    • Scooped,Vented, Homemade Scooped Hood and Normal Hood with accessories.
    • Rally Lights
    • Removable Grille & Mesh Grille

    - New Tyres set for Standard 15x8 Steel Wheel.
    • You be able to use off-road, Grip-All and other different tires on it
    screenshot_2020-04-17_21-34-30.png screenshot_2020-04-17_21-35-13.png

    - Selectable Intake for all engines.
    • Cheap After Market Air Filter for +4hp cus why not? (Turbo will be soon)
    screenshot_2020-04-19_15-46-34.png screenshot_2020-04-19_15-47-12.png

    - Rear Mounted Radiator (only for cut off-road body)
    • With detailed Radiator pipe from front to back.
    screenshot_2020-04-17_21-38-22.png screenshot_2020-04-17_21-38-34.png

    - Selectable 4,5,6,8-Lugs wheels.
    screenshot_2020-04-17_21-44-39.png screenshot_2020-04-17_21-45-20.png screenshot_2020-04-17_21-46-04.png

    - Roof Rack & Roof Cargo Basket
    • Extra Signs for Roof cargo basket
    screenshot_2020-05-14_21-09-40.png screenshot_2020-05-09_13-14-42.png screenshot_2020-05-16_21-42-42.png screenshot_2020-05-16_21-42-34.png

    - Rear Bash Bar

    - Trunk Spare Wheel

    - Extra Stuff! (Additional Modifications)

    • 5 Scale Models
    • Scale Christmas tree
    • Coffee Cup
    • Some photos
    • Cooling Box (with jbeam)
    • Gambler stand (lack of a better name lol)
    • The Signs at the side of a body (proper jbeam)
    screenshot_2020-05-12_11-02-17.png screenshot_2020-05-12_21-00-14.png screenshot_2020-05-12_21-00-44.png screenshot_2020-05-12_22-21-31.png screenshot_2020-05-13_11-42-18.png screenshot_2020-05-13_11-42-55.png
    screenshot_2020-05-12_12-15-06.png screenshot_2020-05-12_12-15-33.png screenshot_2020-05-12_12-16-03.png screenshot_2020-05-15_23-07-55.png screenshot_2020-05-15_23-18-12.png screenshot_2020-05-15_23-37-18.png screenshot_2020-05-18_12-24-07.png screenshot_2020-05-16_21-42-26.png

    - Exterior Cage for Sedan Body (Colorable, Black, Body Colored)
    • Comes with proper jbeam for extra protection
    • WARNING when using front or rear cage with front or rear bumper equipped (except for offroad bumpers) might cause a very little wobbling.
    screenshot_2020-05-16_13-48-26.png screenshot_2020-05-16_13-47-08.png

    - A Cape for a trunk (Colorable, White, Red)

    - Roll Cage

    - Running Boards (Long, Short)

    - Rear trunk and long range antennas.

    - High, Ultra High Performance Radiator
    - Race, Rally Brakes
    - Mud Flaps
    - Half Cut Front and Rear Doors
    - Welded Doors
    - Window Nets with proper Jbeam
    - Skid Plate
    - Snorkel
    - Rear Lugguage Rack Spoiler
    - Colorable Struts (3rd color picker)
    - Roof Racks with Lights and Accessories
    - Cut Fenders
    - Race, Heavy Duty Side Mirrors
    - There are more I forget to mention!

    Parts which are non-eligable for the challenge
    since there are some parts that were already done before the challenge has started they cannot be used in the challenge to keep it fair for people who just started and here are the lists.
    - Cut Body with custom rear bed (with all its accessories)
    - Snorkel
    - Type 1 & 2 Front Bumpers
    - Scooped Hood
    - New tyres set for 15x8 steel wheels
    - Rear Mounted radiator
    - Colorable Struts
    - Window Nets

    - Contains 26 configs ready with different characteristics and suspension tuning.
    - Recommend using them as a base then you can customize other stuff on your own

    screenshot_2020-04-16_22-43-24.png screenshot_2020-04-16_22-44-03.png screenshot_2020-04-16_22-52-49.png screenshot_2020-04-16_23-50-23.png screenshot_2020-04-17_19-59-52.png screenshot_2020-04-17_20-00-38.png offroad1.png noob.png awd.png awdcabrio.png 645103-a64854d0e6943ed66912c9265a63ee9a.png 645104-b281d3a606bf8b7af9241f151e0bbca4.png 645250-1e4881c28be15af0d1a126dddcdf5792.png ltrv.png screenshot_2020-04-17_23-51-27.png rallyboy.png screenshot_2020-05-07_19-51-10.png screenshot_2020-05-07_20-00-04.png screenshot_2020-05-12_11-44-11.png death.png extreme.png extreme2.png rusty.png screenshot_2020-05-16_21-40-18.png screenshot_2020-05-20_20-59-59.png

    Known Issues / To do.
    - Jbeam needs improvement
    - Sometimes a trunk is a bit wobbles with cape equipped
    - Window Nets seem to be little spiky sometimes
    - Snorkel can be spikey in a very heavy crashes.
    - AWD drivetrain for ingame engine is quite not stable and always prones to have high clutch tempurature when climbing a very steep hill.

    - Getting rid of some console errors

    Try disable other mods and clearing cache before report bugs.
    If you've found any bugs please contact me via PM and please don't use review section to report them. Thanks!

    - If you would like to help me with this mod you can PM me anytime!
    - Some parts might not be compitable with ingame body!

    - Thanks to @Mr_StickShift for being beta tester!
    - @Blijo for spare wheel parts
    - @LJ Designs for helping with invisible halfshaft problem!
    - Many thanks to @whoms't for helping me with powertrain stuff!
    - @ItsYourBoi for rear mounted radiator jbeam!
    - @_Diamond_Coal_ for his awesome skins!
    - Me for Jbeaming, Modeling, Texturing and everything else

    Thanks to you guys or all the great support and motivation! I've learned a lot making this mod and thanks to everybody in this community! Wish you guys a great day and stay safe!

    Feedback is welcomed!

    Photo Dump
    screenshot_2020-04-17_11-16-22.png screenshot_2020-04-17_22-06-22.png
    screenshot_2020-03-28_23-16-30.png screenshot_2020-03-30_22-40-25.png
    screenshot_2020-04-17_22-08-56.png screenshot_2020-04-17_22-08-04.png screenshot_2020-04-18_15-25-02.png screenshot_2020-04-18_20-19-26.png screenshot_2020-04-18_21-22-10.png screenshot_2020-04-20_11-50-14.png screenshot_2020-04-20_13-11-38.png screenshot_2020-04-20_11-00-52.png screenshot_2020-04-20_11-01-27.png screenshot_2020-04-20_11-01-20.png screenshot_2020-04-20_13-15-35.png screenshot_2020-04-26_13-53-28.png screenshot_2020-04-27_13-26-25.png screenshot_2020-04-29_14-40-46.png screenshot_2020-04-29_14-42-20.png screenshot_2020-04-29_23-17-21.png screenshot_2020-04-30_12-30-11.png screenshot_2020-05-18_12-21-23.png

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  1. Dunajskii (:
    Dunajskii (:
    Version: 2.3b
    this mod was my favorite mod of all times, im sad that this mod dont work on current version
  2. Oomer
    Version: 2.3b
    If you have time please update. This mod I love this mod so much.
  3. AMplaysYT
    Version: 2.3b
    Version: 2.3b
  5. rnd2k
    Version: 2.3b
    Great , but dont work anymore
  6. ParadoxShiba
    Version: 2.3b
    Hopefully you will fix this soon. Was a very fun mod.
  7. sixtythree666
    Version: 2.3b
    high quality mod but needs half shafts adding to the differentials since a recent update
  8. seemlymorty1234
    Version: 2.3b
    Great Mod! But 0.20 kind of broke the mod, missing tires and missing textures on some rollcages. Please Fix it, but overall a great gambler pack!
  9. crashingtesting
    Version: 2.3b
    i love this i made AWD sleeper pessimas with it they could use some ESC though could u add that
    Version: 2.3b
    Lifted Independent Suspension
    With Strut Spacer kit lifts the car up to 4-5inches with stock struts

    -Can someone please help me make this for old ibishu pessima..pls... if you know how to make it pls add me on discord P I K S#3607

    ----THIS MOD IS GREAT,i made some shitbox like honda civic but it is great offroad----
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