Outdated More parts for T-series 1.9

Some still works. Use at your own risk

  1. Start your engine! We are going on a long road trip!

    Peter Beamo
    After a week of working! New update arrived!

    - Retro wheels (WIP Beta Released ,Known as Mack wheels)
    - You'll need to equip front brakes for this wheel. Also still WIP.
    - Snow plow! (The jbeam still decent And yes ,still WIP)
    - Stuffed bear on the hood grille!
    - New modern emblem for T800 Hood!
    - Retextured suspension! (Looks...
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  2. More exhaust stacks!

    Peter Beamo
    Thx to @Octothorpe Obelus for his awesome exhaust stacks!!
    • Ozzie
    • Chino
    • Mitered
    • FlatTop
    screenshot_00314.png screenshot_00315.png screenshot_00316.png screenshot_00317.png

    I fixed some bugs! That's all!

    Have fun!

    Clear cache when installing
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  3. Add more parts!

    Peter Beamo
    Body-Colored bumper!
    Military Bumper (actually still WIP but you might want to try it!)
    Improved T800 hood (Looks better imo!)
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  4. We are back! With new military stuff!

    Peter Beamo
    • New military wheels! (Colorable soon)
    • New military bed! (Colorable)
    Custom jbeam (Not good much)
    The color is only matt
    If the tailgate fall down ,just ignore it. I'm trying to fix it in next update

    • New config
    screenshot_00039.png screenshot_00040.png

    • Also Gavril spencer wheels are back!
    We put a lot of work to this mod in this past 3 week. I hope u will enjoy!
  5. Bug fix!!

    Peter Beamo
    A little bug :) I fixed it
    I recommend u guys to downlad this update ,it's important!
  6. New wheels!!!

    Peter Beamo
    General Navy wheel (Body-Colored ,Normal)
    Thx to @psy_lo again for a lot of help!!
    266779-202b2a5e6f0dd8ad2ba77a7bbceeffbd.png 266780-bf59ba0b1f4ab0afa63ba9db85922373.png
  7. Bigger tire ,more cab style!!!

    Peter Beamo
    EXT cab

    Big tires ....more fun!!

    Also 1 config added

    Peter Beamo
    Tons of parts added
    Big thanks to VPStudios (@psy_lo) for all of the parts that he made!!

    • Sleeper wing
    • Air filter for T800 hood only
    • Side mirror antennas
    • New front bumper (with antenna)
    • T85 ,95...
  9. texture problem fixed

    Peter Beamo
    Quick update
    • Fixed a black texture on the exhaust. Now the texture is back! BIG thx to @psy_lo ;)
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  10. Go off road!!

    Peter Beamo
    • Added All-Terrain off-road tires (thx to @MRcrash and @crashmaster)
    • Fixed a suspension on a dump truck
    That's all! :)

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