Beta Motorsports Skin Pack (FR17) 1.11

Real life liveries "re-created" for the FR17

  1. Tons of work!

    1. I apologize for the time it took to release this update.
    2. Thanks to @BowlerHatJack for giving some improvement suggestions for this update.
    3. There also now are smaller packs avaliable, sorted by decade. These can be found in the mod thread/discussion.

    Big changes:
    • 15 new Skins/Configurations added!
    • Vehicles...
  2. Three new skins (again) and a poll..

    So 3 new skins again:

    -BeamBeer-Yanaha Formula R
    -Dead Bull Racing FFL

    (Poll closed)

    Also, as maybe seen with re-naming, i now accept skins from any kind of motorsport so if you are fan of a certain motorsport, feel free to request it..


    1. BYRT_garage_side.png
    2. HGM_garage_side.png
  3. You might want to start deleting configs...

    -5 new skins added
    -Improved textures

    -Spy MFR Team
    -DIIL Joddak Ibishu
    -Scuderia Toro Muerto
    -Team MacLaren ETK
    -Telefonia Mintardi Fontmel

    3 more skins soon..


    1. SMT_garage_side.png
    2. DJI_garage_side.png
    3. STM_garage_side.png
    4. TME2_garage_side.png
    5. TMF_garage_side.png
  4. 4 new skins: 73`, 76`,96`,13`

    This update adds 4 new skins to the mod:

    -Tilliams Formula R Team
    -Scuderia Bolide

    Feel free to leave suggetions if you have any!


    1. TFT_garage_side.png
    2. CGtwo_garage_side.png
    3. GBtwo_garage_side.png
    4. SB_garage_side.png
  5. X5

    5 new skins:
    -Dead Bull Racing
    -Espana Formula R Team
    -Joddak Gavril
    -Rose Formula R Team
    -Scuderia Bolide

    Leave Suggetions if you have any!


    1. DBR_garage_side.png
    2. EFT_garage_side.png
    3. DBR_garage_side.png
    4. EFT_garage_side.png
    5. JG_garage_side.png
    6. RFT_garage_side.png
    7. SB2_garage_side.png
  6. GPV + Charmand

    This update took a little longer because of some problems with file size. Anyways, this update adds 3 skins:
    -Yunky Stink GPV Ibishu
    -Yunky Stink GPV Ibishu (Alternative)
    -Virgo Charmand E


    1. YSGI_garage_side.png
    2. VCe_garage_side.png
  7. Test! Test! Test!



    1. screenshot_00062.png
  8. MP4/6 and B201

    Sorry, very busy atm, so only 2 new skins based on an McLaren MP4/6 and Benneton B201 (McMP4 and Benniton-FormulaR2)
  9. Wait...something`s wrong here!

    This update adds skins based on the 2017 skins, but with unlicenced logos..thanks to @Raider for the 2017 skin templates

    Red Bull Racing/Dead Bull Racing is not excisting as the one in the original mod is based on the 2017 one


    1. Screenshot132.png
    2. Screenshot134.png
    3. Screenshot140.png
    4. Screenshot142.png
    5. Screenshot135.png
    6. Screenshot129.png
    7. Screenshot130.png
    8. Screenshot136.png
    9. Screenshot138.png
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  10. 2 new skins..

    This update adds 2 new skins!

    If you have any suggetions let me know as i have run out of ideas for this pack! Most updates from now on will most likely be thumbnail changes so...


    1. screenshot_00326.png
    2. screenshot_00325.png
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