Beta Mount Danger 1.1 fixed

Drive as fast as you dare

  1. Snow Update

    I have done miles of the snowy side of the map for you to enjoy.

    Added a tunnel - textures temporary
    Added deep snow
    Added roads with snow
    Added roads with deep snow
    Redone some of the twisty roads.


    1. BeamNG2020-08-0114-04-20-04.jpg
    2. BeamNG2020-08-0114-04-26-26.jpg
    3. BeamNG2020-08-0114-04-42-20.jpg
    4. BeamNG2020-08-0114-04-50-01.jpg
    5. BeamNG2020-08-0114-05-03-76.jpg
    6. BeamNG2020-08-0114-05-14-28.jpg
    7. BeamNG2020-08-0114-05-24-62.jpg
    8. BeamNG2020-08-0114-05-30-76.jpg
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