Beta Nami OffRoad 1.2

Range of difficulty offroad map!

  1. daniel edwards
    Nami Off-road

    Nami off-road is my first ever map which is a island map which has different tracks ranging from hard to easy and also has a few houses, lookouts and also camping areas!

    Ive Also just created a patreon as ill keep making new maps and slowly release them on there

    Enjoy dantheman3121

    screenshot_2021-11-12_20-34-16.png screenshot_2021-11-12_20-34-29.png screenshot_2021-11-12_20-34-40.png screenshot_2021-11-12_20-36-51.png screenshot_2021-11-12_20-36-23.png screenshot_2021-11-13_08-13-23.png screenshot_2021-11-12_20-39-14.png screenshot_2021-11-12_20-39-21.png


    1. screenshot_2021-11-12_20-35-37.png
    2. screenshot_2021-11-12_20-35-58.png
    3. screenshot_2021-11-12_20-36-40.png
    4. screenshot_2021-11-12_20-37-16.png
    5. screenshot_2021-11-12_20-37-27.png
    6. screenshot_2021-11-12_20-37-34.png
    7. screenshot_2021-11-12_20-38-15.png
    8. screenshot_2021-11-12_20-38-41.png

Recent Updates

  1. Nami Offroad 1.2

Recent Reviews

  1. Nekkit
    Version: 1.0
    Very solid for a first map
  2. MrDerpsicle
    Version: 1.0
    Excellent map, could you add some time trials?
    1. daniel edwards
      Author's Response
      I haven't done it before and pretty new to the map editing side of things but ill look into it and see what i can do for you :)
  3. P_enta
    Version: 1.0
    1. daniel edwards
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  4. 16PiXel-Dude
    Version: 1.0
    you shuld ad a profile pic' for this Mod, other than that, great work
    1. daniel edwards
      Author's Response
      Cheers for the feedback! i have added one just now :)
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