Beta Neilogical Edition Aero V12 Turbo 1.1

V12 Turbo Aero themed for Neilogical

  1. SubieDoobieTwo
    This version of the Aero was inspired by its recent appearance in Neilogical's Part 27 of "Which automation mod can fly the furthest on car jump arena?". To say thanks to Neil and the Logicals for giving my mod a shot down the ramp, here's a specially designed car themed in his colors. I tweaked a few things to help with handling because the umph has gone up from 758 to 1,063 horsepower :) Enjoy, and stay tuned for this cars hot lap video around Hirochi! It may also find its way back down the ramp and might even break the 500 mark this time!


    1. Aero1000hpNeilogicalEditionphoto1.png
    2. Aero1000hpNeilogicalEditionphoto2.png
    3. Aero1000hpNeilogicalEditionphoto3.png
    4. Aero1000hpNeilogicalEditionphoto4.png

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