Outdated Off-road cars 1.0

Anti-Pickup, hopper, and roamer now with buggy bolide and Burnside

  1. TheodoreB
    Offroad cars
    Off-road cars

    In the beam world in the early 60s there started to be something called "Beam Buggies 'n Cars off-roading" It was where you would get a car that was a max of 20 years old so it could even be a new car so this was a bit different than the gambler 500. People would buy their cars and modify the cars so they could off-road by putting bigger tires, rally suspension, upgrading the engine, and many other things. Pickups, off-road things like hoppers, and vans were NOT allowed. There was two parts: speed off-road and crawling. The Alder brand sold more of their dragger rims because, they renamed them "Alder Offroaders" the real reason I used these rims is because they look like some off-roading aluminum wheels. In the 70s it got extra popular and people used things like moonhawks and barstows and with fuel pries up the big boats like the bluebuck were cheap. Also with fuel prices up they stopped the racing in 75 but in 79 they brought it back for a short 6 years but, it was not the same. The most successful vehicles for it was the autobellos and supercharged barstows.

    There are many different configurations on each car the cars that are included are the bluebuck

    The barstow

    The moonhawk

    And the Miramar

    More pictures

    Please Review it!

    You may have to to the file moving stuff and the file is called "offroadcars(4)"

    Recommend what to make next and best of all have a nice day!

    New update has added an Offroad Burnside

    A few new bluebucks called the killer offroader and super killer

    super killer:

    killer offroader:

    And I added a buggy bolide

    5,000 downloads and I will update and 7 reviews and I will add two new license plates and a few paint jobs.

    Thank you so much and please review

    There is now a new update that made it where you couldn't put those huge mudding tires on the 15x8 alder dragger rims. Sometime soon I plan to remake this configuration and put the 15x9 alder dragger rims with the biggest mud tires which I think are 31s. This is also the reason I put it into outdated.

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  1. Offroad cars

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  1. Muaazjaved1206
    Version: 1.0
    This mod works with every scenario you have
    1. TheodoreB
      Author's Response
      I think you may of made a mistake I do not make any scenarios but thank you very much for the review!
  2. AsrielDreemurr_BMNG.
    Version: 0.1
    1. TheodoreB
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the review!
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