Beta OGC Map - Ultimate Beam.NG Map | 0.26 Compatible 0.60

WCUSA, Derby, Industrial, GridmapV2 / combined in the OGC Map!

  1. Online90
    IMPORTANT - Clear your cache to avoid any texture issues. Beam.NG 0.26 did many changes to the textures!

    The first time you will load this map, it will take some time to load all objects, textures etc, due to the size. Please just be patient and give the game enough time.

    This is my first mod for Beam.NG. I already put many many hours in this mod and I hope you will enjoy it. :)

    Everything started with my Beam.MP Server and that I couldn't make a choice which map I would like to run on the server. I was jumping between original Beam maps and custom maps.

    My Beam.MP Server*: (Or search for OGC)
    *Running this map 24/7 and ~40+ modded cars

    At one point I decided, I really like the original Beam maps, especially West Coast USA, Industrial and Derby.
    And then I had the idea, a big map with the mentioned maps above, merged into one. (Also I added gridmapv2 to it.)

    After merging the maps into one, I had to make a connection between them. In the beginning it was very rough and not much detailed. With every day I got more and more ideas to refine the map until today.

    Instead of only having the original maps, there is a lot more to experience and to explorer. Huge areas for street, racing, offroad and more.

    Don't forget, if you face any texture issues or other problems with the new version, please clear your cache and test the usual Beam.NG fixes. Thanks.


    • New custom 2 floor parking garage for drifting
    • New spawn point at the parking garage
    • Huge ramp jump at the "drift island" area
    • Many many grass/ground cover fixes
    • Adjustment of floating pavements in WCUSA & other parts of the map
    • ...Overall bug fixes and improvements

    • Added offoad race track
    • Added figure 8 track
    • Finalized the island area
    • AI path finding for all new areas
    • Changed sidewalk material in OGC city
    • Changed street texture color in OGC city
    • 2 new spawn points
    • more fixes and improvements all over the map


    • AI implemented (may a bit scuffed here and there)
    • GPS half decent working
    • Rework of huge parts of the middle highway
    • Added enter and exit lanes to the high speed oval
    • Ground cover rework


    • Features the maps West Coast USA, Derby, Industrial, Gridmap v2
    • Tons of off road and street areas
    • Custom High speed oval track
    • 13 different spawn points
    • Day and Night cycle is now working properly

    To-Do List:
    • Traffic Lights in WCUSA not working (not sure how to fix)
    • Implement garage to garage scenario
    • General Polishing
    • Time trial tracks
    • Implement POI and map markers
    • "hide" the gridmap to fit better in the theme

    I really hope you enjoy the map and I appreciate any feedback and suggestions.
    I will not change the existing map selection, it would take way too much time to exchange gridmap with something else. I may start a new project in the future, featuring a different selection to merge.

    (But I don't promise anything at this point :))


    spawns_ogc_parking2.jpg ogc1.jpg ogc2.jpg ogc4.jpg ogc6.jpg ogc9.jpg ogc11.jpg ogc13.jpg ogc14.jpg ogc17.jpg ogc18.jpg ogc19.jpg ogc20.jpg ogc21.jpg ogc22.jpg ogc23.jpg

    Additionally some advertisement:
    My Discord (Or text me directly Oro#9824)
    My Twitch

    If you would like to support my time building this mod | PayPal
    Thank you


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Recent Reviews

  1. Needforspeed2005
    Version: 0.60
    This map is excellent!
  2. kitah_lova
    Version: 0.60
    Bravo! This is the best map I haver ever played my default map was WCUSA and you have made that map completely useless to me now because you took WCUSA and added to it in ways I couldn't imagine if I tried! The airport race track is perfect and I cannot stop playing the derby center dirt track endless hours of fun I also noticed at the airport section there is some rock/mountain climbing sections it's awesome to play this map for the amount of hours I have played it to end up finding areas I haven't found yet.

    Please ignore any negative reviews I promise you that those people are either blind or have a lack of talently made maps you my friend are a pro!
    1. Online90
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! Much appreciate that you enjoy my creation. :)
      In the future I will try to improve the map even more, fixing minor bugs and texture errors here and there and adding more content.
  3. Amazing Kestero
    Amazing Kestero
    Version: 0.50
    Transparent Loading screens be like...
  4. Koen31
    Version: 0.50
    Great map. Could you add Italy and Utah to the map it will be cool
  5. Shadow_Clan1965
    Version: 0.50
    First of all, wow this a is honestly a really good map. I like the transitions between the different sections, it's almost seamless. And second, I really like the way you make your roads/maps (based on the parts of the map that weren't any of the default maps.) You make wide roads and incorporate verticality and curves which makes for a fun driving experience. And because of that I think you should try your hand at a stand alone map similar to WCUSA.
  6. JordanW1128
    Version: 0.50
    I can't really run this because my game will crash but it's a very good map.
    1. Online90
      Author's Response
      Did you modify any of the base maps used in my mod? This could cause the issue, try to reset your game if possible.
  7. Nazu
    Version: 0.50
    best map
  8. Aibao
    Version: 0.25
    The best
    but may you add italy
    1. Online90
      Author's Response
      I will not change the existing map selection, it would take way too much time to exchange gridmap with something else. I may start a new project in the future, featuring a different selection to merge.

      Also Italy itself is as big as this map. This would exceed the engine limitation.
  9. BlueLife
    Version: 0.25
    Came Here From Camodo's video. try adding utah or like ecusa (east coast usa)
  10. ritefullyso
    Version: 0.25
    Great mod, quite well done. Just would like to see the gridmap be replaced with a more fitting map like east coast or jungle rock or something.
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