Outdated Old Thumbnails V1.0.1

Want the old thumbnails back? Here you go :)

  1. BombBoy4
    Here's to those who liked the old thumbnails better. These were taken with the new UI app, and so are perfect to a mathematical degree.
    This is experimental, as I'm going to be replacing these with higher quality shots once I get the hang of this tool.

    All screenshots taken on max settings, 1000x592 for thumbnails and max settings, 1800x1012 for the garage photos.
    This mod includes both thumbnails and garage photos!

    Garage pics:
    kc6t_A_garage_side.png v8_4wd_xt_garage_side.png worker_garage_side.png
    3a.png crew_medium_4wd.png TT_AWD_S2_M.png

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  1. [Moderator Fix]

Recent Reviews

  1. Alewyx
    Version: V1.0.1
    Amazing! I'm gonna try the thumbnail generator for my config pack. (I haven't gone in the UI apps recently) anyway, thanks for this mod! It's great!
    1. BombBoy4
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
      A thing to note about he generator, it takes screenshots of every config of the current vehicle, there's no way to tell it what exact config.
  2. Applenapslap 2
    Applenapslap 2
    Version: V1.0.1
    whats the ui app you wer using
    1. BombBoy4
      Author's Response
      In the 0.10 update, there's an official UI app that's called "Thumbnail Generator". Thanks for the review :)
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