Opala Comodoro 73 Turbo 360hp! Version 1.0

Year 1973, Engine 6cc with 360hp!! TURBO!

  1. Breno

    6cc in line with TURBO!

    0-100km/h => 6,3s

    Top speed: 254km/h!!!

    Car hard to control!

    Um carro clássico com motor TURBO 6cc.

    São 360 cavalos! Um cavalo difícil de domar.


    1. HighresScreenshot00272.png
    2. HighresScreenshot00275.png
    3. HighresScreenshot00276.png
    4. HighresScreenshot00277.png
    5. HighresScreenshot00278.png
    6. HighresScreenshot00279.png
    7. HighresScreenshot00280.png
    8. OpalaComodoro.jpg
    9. OpalaComodoro2.jpg
    10. OpalaComodoro3.jpg
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