Palkia88's Utah County Sheriff Upgraded Vehicles Pack 1.0

This pack contains four configurations from Foxu's Utah County Sheriff pack that I upgraded.

  1. Palkia88
    This is my first repo mod! Lezzgooo!
    Guten Tag, Palkia88 here.
    This is my own editing of Foxu's Utah County Sheriff mod, I've just simply upgraded the vehicles in it. And yes, Foxu did give me permission to do this. Infact he actually gave me the idea of putting this on the repo.

    Again, the credit goes to Foxu as he is the developer of the Utah County Sheriff skin pack.
    NOTE: You are gonna need quite a few mods for this.
    Scroll down there is important stuff.

    screenshot_2021-11-11_19-43-43.png UCSSRTUpgraded.png screenshot_2021-11-11_22-09-20.png

    These mods are required for this to work:
    I believe that's all.

    Please leave feedback if you have a question or enjoyed.
    Again, this is my first mod repo release.
    I'd like to thank Kemro Industries and BeamNG-FUN [Yes the YouTuber] for helping me put this together.
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