Payday 2 Escape Van Skin For Gavril H-15 Van 1.0

Act out your getaways in style!

  1. Chubbulus
    Hi! As my first ever Beam.NG (and in fact, first-ever game mod), I decided to mod the Payday 2 escape van into Beam.NG as a skin for the pre-existing Gavril H-15!

    Made the texture by hand completely from scratch and based it around the original escape van skin from Payday 2!

    Had a lot of help fixing issues with the mod from @GlassCastle because I'm a dumb gal and accidentally named some references incorrectly >w<

    Hope there are some Payday fans here that like the skin and I hope that some of you like it no matter what! There might be some aspiring bank robbers out there who have never heard of Payday, but are just looking for that perfect escape vehicle!

    This will NOT appear in the spawnlist! For now, it is just a paint, I will work on it in future to turn it into an actual spawnable option!

    TO USE:
    Place in your repo folder as usual.

    In game, spawn the BASE Gavril H-15.

    Then go to "Vehicle Config" in the sidebar.

    Choose "Paint Design". Payday 2 Escape Van should be an option in the dropdown menu!

    TO DO:
    -Make interior textures (when I figure out how lmao)
    -Turn the mod into a spawnable vehicle (the skin appears in the spawn list)
    -Learn how to properly mod this game and stop being such a dumb bish when it comes to Beam.NG

Recent Reviews

  1. Szymon2007
    Version: 1.0
    cool, i can help with making it work as an actual config, DM me if you want
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