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Phoulkon CIWS V1.0

Deadly computerized cannon & missile turrets

  1. Stoat Muldoon
    Ibishu Defense 'Phoulkon' Close-In Weapons System
    By Diamondback (software) and Stoat Muldoon (Jbeam, model)
    with thanks to
    Nadeox1 (video)
    Blijo (testing, feedback)



    Developed in the 1980s by Ibishu's military arms subsidiary Ibishu Defense, the 'Phoulkon' (Named after a Roman shield wall tactic) Close-In Weapons System is a family of point-defense weapons focused on destroying incoming ordnance and aircraft. Early models use a 20mm M61 Vulcan autocannon, saturating the air around the target with explosive projectiles whilst more recent developments introduced the Viper missile module, packing 11 agile guided missiles that can track and destroy enemy missiles and aircraft much more effectively. In BeamNG, you can use these machines to wreak havoc upon any vehicular threats you might encounter, manually or automatically. Challenge yourself to fly into its airspace and escape in one piece, or simply spawn vehicles in mid air and watch the fireworks!

    (Video by Nadeox1, also featuring the new update for the Me262 https://www.beamng.com/resources/me262.2598/)​

    The Phoulkon features two models, a cannon and a missile launcher variant. They both operate in much the same way, cycling between automatic, semi automatic and manual with the "T" key by default.
    • "Automatic" will set the weapon to its defensive mode, automatically detecting approaching threads and dispatching them without you needing to lift a finger
    • "Semi-automatic" will aim at a target automatically, and targets are cycled by pressing the "O" key. It will cycle through any available target vehicles. Spacebar will fire the weapon at the selected target.
    • "Manual" gives you full control of the turret's aim, controlled with the arrow keys and fired with the spacebar.
    Additionally, with the MkII you can activate the missile camera in manual and semi-automatic modes by holding the fire button down. This will bring up the last fired missiles camera feed giving you a close look at your target as the missile approaches it. Releasing the fire button will return to the previous camera mode.

    Both turrets feature a target indicator displayed over all potential targets, including vehicles and incoming munitions. Each of its symbols mean this:
    • [ O ] Target available
    • [ X ] Target locked and selected
    screenshot_2019-11-20_12-09-19.png screenshot_2019-11-20_12-10-30.png

    Technical Stats
    Phoulkon MkI
    • 20mm M61 Vulcan
    • Caliber: 20x102mm Airburst Tracer rounds
    • Ammo Capacity: 1000 rounds
    • Muzzle Velocity: 1000m/s
    • Rate of Fire: 4500RPM
    • Detection Range: 3000m
    • Attack Range: 1500m

    Phoulkon MkII
    • 11x Counter-Rocket, Aircraft, Artillery and Mortar Viper MkIV Missiles
    • Speed: 500m/s (~Mach 1.5)
    • Range: ~15km
    • Multi-purpose, high explosive fragmentation warhead
    • Detection Range: 20,000m
    • Attack Range: 3000m


    The Phoulkon's missiles are seriously expensive to simulate. During flight, they reach speeds in excess of 1800km/h (~Mach 1.5), keeping the missile agile and on target requires very fast response to environmental influences and changes in target position.
    To achieve that, the - unfortunately very math heavy - control logic needs to be simulated at very high rates, meaning there are a lot of things to calculate at 2000hz. In addition to that, the particles emitted by the missiles are also quite expensive to render. Despite trying our best to optimize the cost of the missile as much as possible, weaker computers can take a significant performance hit when firing multiple at once or in rapid succession.
    If you notice the missiles beginning to weave or wobble significantly as they launch, your FPS may be too low. Try shooting fewer missiles at any one time or lowering your graphical settings in the game menu.

    A Note About Cameras & Couplers
    The Phoulkon makes use of as of yet unreleased game features to hide certain cameras and to lock certain couplers; until this functionality is release, you will be able to select the missile cameras as if they were normal cameras as well as release all couplers, breaking the turret. The next game update will fix these, so please bear with us!
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Recent Reviews

  1. carlover6x6
    Version: V1.0
    Being me I will problably break something this will kill all cars.
  2. doge man
    doge man
    Version: V1.0
    This is so powerful that i managed to destroy an entire parking lot of a gas station.... including the gas station
  3. Baeddan
    Version: V1.0
    The mod is fun, but the Rocket turret doesn't auto target when set to, it doesn't even follow the target when set to auto, it just doesn't move but when its set to semi it targets the target and i can shoot at it like normal, and the manual works too. My only problem is the auto shoot and auto aim, can you please fix that?
  4. Tom Foolery
    Tom Foolery
    Version: V1.0
    Shot down an Avro Arrow doing 1164 mph at 26000 feet.

    10/10, would SAM again
  5. User_4711328
    Version: V1.0
    Fantastic mod! Everything is so cool except for one: when I enabled the mod in the game, the key settings are all empty and I have to reset them one by one. Why is that?
  6. LuR_X
    Version: V1.0
    Love your work, great job.

    Maybe you can use this for another project, like a ship, maybe an anti air corvette. Would be awesome
  7. Ryo13silvia
    Version: V1.0
    Amazing! I love obliterating AI cars with this beauty. The Mk1 can absolutely destroy, and it's really fun turning cars into lumps of metal. But you haven't experienced true joy until you try out the Mk2, especially against aircraft. It can smash + blow up ANYTHING, and it is pretty much capable of mass destruction. 7/5!
  8. nickstarone
    Version: V1.0
    I f##kin love dis mod. I works so well even on my shitbox potato computer i can still fire all 11 rockets at once at a target and my computer handles it just fine even with a core i7 with 18gigs of ram with no gcpu.
  9. Hawkins
    Version: V1.0
    The video was absolutely orgasmic.
    This highly satisfies my need for military equipment and vehicles for the moment.
  10. Eivell
    Version: V1.0
    I have never clicked so fast in my life
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