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Outdated Pickup with a Bus engine 1.3

Pickup with a Bus engine

  1. New Version of the engine and other fixes

    -new engine config
    -new working radiator
    -new transmission
    -new Twin 350 turbocharger
    -new variable (sport) has the new engine config, turbocharger and transmission

    -Revving to slow to go down in neural
    -Radiator in the back working instead of the original in the front
    -some clipping issue

    Bugs that I know
    -sometimes the triangles just decide be explode
    -wires not going anywhere in the sport version
  2. Pickup with a Bus engine

    This mod adds a bus engine in the bed of the the gavril pickup. This engine has a lot of torque but doesn't necessary go fast. I think it looks pretty noice.

    One problem, if you guys really want me to do a drive shaft I will do it but right now there is not physical drive shaft to the engine.

    Let me know if you guys like it, and if you got any other idea for a mod just let me know and I will see what I can do. :)

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